Friday, May 29, 2015

McCalls 7131 - gauchos, culottes, shorts!

Good morning (or afternoon) - I'm up early today and positively feisty after 6 hours of uninterruped sleep. Usually I wake up a couple times, maybe get up and read for a while. Sleeping through was great.

This is from McCalls spring release - wow, it got me right away.  I've only seen one version online, this beautiful midi-length version by Mimi G. It's so pretty, and I love her tropical print fabric. After seeing hers, I pulled out a print that I recently picked up for a loose maxi sundress (Hoffman Fabrics, from Fabric Mart). I think it's perfect for these pants.

So many options. I decided to go with View E, the longest one - I was thinking I could always shorten it, maybe to the midi-length of View C. But I won't - it makes great long pants. Gauchos? I think that views B and C could be called culottes. And how about those shorts - adorable. It would be so easy to make them a little longer, more a walking short length.

Such a great fit. I seldom tuck in a shirt with an elastic-waist bottom. But this waist is so nicely done, I really like how it looks. The waist band is 2" wide and features 4 lines of elastic in the back.

And the front is plain, no elastic.

It takes a little patience to insert four lines of elastic. And lots of small safety pins at hand really help. I started by inserting all four elastics as far as I could without causing any gathering.

Then I worked all four to the end of the casing - and kept using those pins! I was lucky - I used the elastic guide from the pattern and it was just right.

The pleats on the upper front are intended to be open and loose. But I liked how they looked when they were basted down. So I decided to sew them permanently with topstitching.

Some sewing notes:
  • I sewed a straight size 14, my usual size.
  • The hem is generous on this pattern, no need for additional length. I used a 1" hem with topstitching.
  • The crotch measured about 27", so I added 1" to the top of the front and back pieces, and added the extra inch to the top of the pocket pieces as well. I decided to finish the crotch with two lines of stitching, and I serged the allowance together to finish. By stretching the curves open while serging, I was able to get plenty of give in the curves without any clipping.

This is definitely getting sewn again!

Parting shot: My son and grandson, kindergarten graduation day at Lake Highland Preparatory School in Orlando. Joy.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable and safe weekend - Ciao! Coco


  1. I am getting woo'd to the wide leg side with these! I like 'em!

  2. They look incredibly relaxing

  3. Beautiful print! This looks very comfortable with your styling.

  4. Love these! You may be convincing me to give it a try. Is the fabric a knit or a challis?
    Your grandson is beautiful. Handsome Daddy too!

  5. wow at first glance I thought they were a skirt! love that pattern! how did you keep all of those rows of elastic from turning? I've yet to figure out how non roll elastic rolls lol! love the print!


  6. Okay, I am so wanting that pattern. You know, with a smart short tailored jacket I can see myself riding to the hounds in that "split" skirt. Or maybe Annie Oakley?! :-)

  7. Those trousers are fab. Great choice of fabric and you're looking good too.

  8. Beautiful...elegant pants!!! Your grandson is a handsome graduate!

  9. This pattern is in my queue! In a printed challis, no less. Glad to see your version. I haven't read far enough to read about waistband construction, but I like what I see here! May have to bring this one to the front of the queue. I think I'm going for the view c length. I love all the dramatic fullness.

  10. Beautiful fabric and you made the perfect choice in a pattern to use it. I do like the waistband. I think I will try that method of four row of eleastic instead off the one that I usually do. Love the graduation picture!

  11. Great fabric, and wonderful pants. Palazzo pants? Whatever you call them, they look fab!
    Your grandson is a cutie!


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