Friday, June 5, 2015

Coming soon - San Diego International Comic-Con!

It's that time of year again - the international congress of pop culture aficionados from all over the world...the San Diego Comic-Con.

I love this event, and I've never been there! But Ashley and Darrin go every year. To San Diego and to other 'cons'...but this is the max, the biggest, the one with all the 'primo' stuff. The summit of autographed pics and spontaneous fun...And their major meet-up with friends from all over the States.

I've made something special for lots of the con's...

Kaylee Firefly Jacket

Darrin's PJ's for the pile-up at the Marriott

The Original Zen Dress

A witch right out of Salem...

Center Front -Pirate!

Ashley needs PJ's too!

I always go to their house to keep the kitties company - and take them to the airport.

 Of course, I have a lot of faith in Darrin - he'll keep my girl safe...

There's no accounting for love and fascination...

Happy Hour

Where's the fence?

Actually, I am reassured by this pic...really.

Sith Girl

This year's featured garment - a new version of the Zen dress, and my birthday present to her. But she bought the fabric - what! and sent it to me. This year we are into, at minimum, Thor, Spidey, the Hulk, Iron Man, and, oh my, my favorite, be still my heart - Wolverine.

Her dress is ready to go to Ft. Myers on July 7. The sleeve binding and hem will be finished once I get there and do a final fitting.

It's a kick - I love it. Ciao! Coco


  1. LOL, gosh I might be tempted to wear some of those things in the every day! ;-) Great makes and it all sounds like lots of fun. You should go some day, just once. Have fun wrangling those kitties while they're gone.

  2. Love! First of all, you know my girl and yours share a love of Cosplay, but when I saw that fabric, I laughed - because I just bought a length of that same fabric and it's companion fabric to make a birthday present for hubby. Shhhh! Don't tell!!! Tell Ashley and Darrin I said to have the best time ever in San Diego!

  3. Awesome!!! Thank you so much Mom!!!! Can't wait to try it on!!! XOXO Ashley


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