Tuesday, May 12, 2015

McCalls 7164 More fun with summer pants!

Continuing the search for summer pants! McCall 7164...

So cute! Soft Surroundings has had these pants for a couple years, and I've always liked them. Now McCalls has a pattern that is almost a replica. I had to make these.

Here's the line art. Bonus with the pattern: full, loose pants and shorts. I love this!

The back side...just plain, elastic waist, easy fit.

Sewing notes:
  • I sewed View D in size M (12-14).
  • And added to the length, 1" on each of the gathered middle pieces, and 2" to the other pattern pieces. It turns out I don't need the extra length, and I'll leave it off on my next version.
  • The seams are faux flat-felled, as on the Soft Surroundings pants, everywhere except the inside leg and crotch seams.

  • The original crotch for my size was 27", so I added 1/2" to top edges of all pieces to accommodate my height (5'7") and personal measurements.
  • And I added 2" to the top of all pieces to create a cut-on waistband. I don't like the look of a flat waistband across my abdomen! I drafted the elastic casing all the way round and used 3/4" elastic to spread the gathers evenly, front and back.
  • No pockets - this fabric would show them too much.
And the fabric dictated a few more considerations. It is a rayon/linen (55%/45%) marigold yellow blend from Fashion Fabrics Club. It's not my favorite blend, but it has great drape, which is why it ended up in this muslin! 

After messing with the pants, and ironing every seam and stitch as I sewed, they were very LONG! I hemmed them, put them back in the laundry - and yes, they were shorter, short enough for sandals.

For these pics - ironed once again, so I'm wearing heels. aarrgghh. They are going back in the wash, I don't do heels, and they'll never see an iron again!

What's to love - these gathered insets...

And they are incredibly comfortable, different, kicky, out there...

Love them.

Now - a beauty note...

After Ashley's wedding in February, I decided to let my gray hair grow out. With the help of a product (below) that sprinkles in the hairline and really covers up any grow-out. You've seen it on me and probably didn't notice.

A week or so ago, I cut my hair back to all gray (my hair grows an incredible 3/4" a month...thank you, hair lords). And - no. With all the white scars on my face, and my fair skin, I had no features. So I re-colored my hair. But it is very short for me! 

It feels great! Not sure if I'll let it grow back, at least not during the summer. It has been in the 90's here for over a month, having short hair is so nice, so manageable ...

End of beauty note. Next - I just downloaded the new Hot Patterns Shirt-Tail Tee. And the In-House Kimono Tee. My stash beckons. 

Ciao! Coco


  1. I love these! The color fits the style too- fun and summery! Your hair cut and color look great.

  2. How fun! That's a pretty darn good looking muslin. I love the short hair too. I keep mine much shorter than that (think Jamie Lee Curtis) and it certainly is easy and fast to take care of and quite cool in summer.

  3. These are wonderful and extravagant and fun: I love them! You look great with short hair :)

  4. Really like those pants on you! You wear them well! I'm thinking of going short hair for summer. Used to wear it short, short for years and then let it grown cause I got tired to going to get it cut all the time.

  5. I love these pants and that color is fantastic! Recently, I saw these, but didn't search for the pattern. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the pants and the color, and your short hair is enviable! Wish I could do the same. It was so hot here today, running errands totally sapped me. I also ordered the HP tee, cute, huh? I'm going to get the McCall's pants pattern, you've sold me!

  7. I like the short hair cut on you! And when you do go full gray as I have you have to change colors to suit that washed out look. Your pants are darling and you wear them so well. Great job and I am sure they will wear well in the heat of the summer!

  8. Those pants are way too fun...love them!!!

  9. Don't you look marvelous! I like the short hair, and understand about the white washout. It is one of the reasons I always wear foundation. Otherwise, I am gone except for brown eyes.

    Love those pants.

  10. These are so fun and frisky on you!
    I am not a fan of my grey when it appears- not that either of us are old enough to have such foolishness!

  11. Love your pants.... takes me right back to the 70's. What fun. Great hair.

  12. Is this a new mccalls pattern? Don't answer that, I'll go look :). I don't think I would have looked twice at this pattern it I am really loving your version. I want a pair! I love the mustard color, too.

  13. I have to thank you for giving these pants a go! I absolutely loved them on you so a got the nerve up and made some. OMG! I love them! I would never make these had it not been for your pictures and post. Thank You!


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