Monday, October 14, 2013

The Pattern Review Lined Jacket Contest - Muslin is complete!

No secrets here! I've been working on my muslin for the PR lined jacket contest, and I'm officially ready to move on to my final version. I found a really cute jacket and coat pattern, Burda 7020 - and it comes with pieces for the lining, oh, so much easier...

For the muslin, which I'm only doing in the main fabric, I've used a fleece that's been in my stash since fall of 2012 - I really forgot it was there! The check pattern isn't something I would usually wear -  in fact, I bought it with someone else in mind. But it looks great in this jacket. 

How's this for helpful fabric? I've never seen this before, a nap arrow on the selvage!

The muslin version seems long on Emile, but the final will be about 33", just enough to cover my tunics, which are usually around 30" long.

Great details, beautiful slash pockets and collar stand...

(The pictures on the wall are usually straight...all the banging on the roof for the last 12 days has left every picture in the house looking pretty funky!)

The pattern, which I drafted in size 14, fits so well, only a couple changes were necessary.
  • The shoulder is about 3/4" too long for me at the sleeve head, I will redraft the front and back for the final.
  • The original sleeve is quite narrow in the midsection, which IMO spells disaster once the piece is's a somewhat narrow sleeve anyway. I redrafted the pattern to be the same width from shoulder to wrist, before I cut my muslin.

What happens to the muslin? I love it! Since it's fleece and quite warm with no lining, I'll fix the shoulder and finish it. It only lacks hems and buttons. And when it's on me, not on Emile, the check fabric doesn't droop :-)

Parting roof update! It's done...

Hope everyone has a nice week...Ciao! Coco

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sewing a garment a kind of challenge!

Just the idea of this sewing challenge makes me relax...a garment a month, just for me - well, OK, I mostly sew for myself anyway. But there's something so inviting about making it official and special.

Sarah Liz (SarahLizSewStyle) is hosting this year-long challenge, starting this month. Only a few simple guidelines (here's a link to the 'rules' page):

- The garment has to be for you and not for someone else...
- Choose a pattern at the beginning of the month and post about it with background on
  how/why you choose that pattern, fabric, etc.
- Blog about the finished garment with pics, etc.

And the button is on my sidebar, has a link to the challenge as well.

I've already chosen my pattern for October, it's something I need badly! A long knit robe. My white one is 5 years old and just worn out.

Burda Style 7297

I plan to make view C, and mine will be all the way to the floor and then some, as I'm using a cotton jersey that will shrink a bit over time. Love the back belt treatment, so forties!

Holly Lobby 100% cotton jersey knit

Lots of inspiration for this robe. I've always loved the iconic Calvin Klein wrap robe. 

But I have to admit that with all the work being done around the house - the roof, the slab leak, the mold remediation - my energy and resource reserves are really stretched. 

So I'm also inspired by other great wrap robes...

Ciao! Coco

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Virginia Leggings - absolute fun!

I'm loving this leggings pattern from Megan Nielsen! 

There are only two pattern pieces - a waistband and a leg - with a choice of a regular rise or a 'maternity' low rise (which I think is pretty neat).

And they don't need much fabric, a little less than 1.5 yd of a 60" stretch knit.

I made just a couple tweaks to the pattern:
  • I'm 5/7", 40" hip, 30" waist, and sewed a size Large. 
  • Cut the length at the hem line for the XL, which gave me another 1/2" or so. It's hard to see on my leggings, because of the print, but they really do scrunch up at the ankle - so cute!
  • Added 2" at the top of the leg pattern piece - the rise was too short to be comfortable, sides, front and back. Since this pair is my muslin, I actually added a strip of fabric at the 'top' once the leg seams were sewn and fitted. I like my leggings (and pantyhose, for that matter) to come up a bit above my natural waist and not be crawling down as soon as I start walking around :-)

OK, this is moi thinking I saw something on the floor, most likely something that got tracked in from all the stuff going on outside. 

Maybe I'm just losing it...

I'm back - composed once again. I even put my shoes on.

Parting roof update:

Two days ago - supplies for the next layer...

Yesterday - rain delay!

Today - the hot asphalt crew

Tonight - the 3rd layer is complete 
The new tile comes tomorrow on the biggest truck of all.  All smiles - Coco