Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pyjama Party Reveal! McCalls 5989

I am late revealing my jammies because of the rain...I had planned to do my pics outside in our pretty sunshine. oops!  And then I decided to do my hair and makeup (what an occasion this is...).

Adorable robe and bottoms. My fabrics are from JoAnns -  I sewed a size 14 with no alterations, except for a couple adds in the robe, below.

Simple bottoms, thoroughly comfy. I did them in a cute seersucker stripe and used a 1" knit elastic waistband. I plan to do more in seersucker and in quilting cotton, so many print choices and constantly on sale.

I must say that making the robe was like making a couture coat! And I think it would be stunning in velvet as an evening coat. Mine is done in a funky fabric called tutti fruitti. It washed up soft as a worn sheet, really nice for this robe. (Strange, I used it in a red polka dot that is still crisp after many washing. Must be the dye.)

The pattern suggested making a thread belt loop - NOT - I added sewn loops in the side seam. And of course I added in-seam pockets 3 1/2" down from the natural waistline. What is a robe without pockets?

Did I leave out something? Oh, yes. This pattern comes with a top, which I will call the paper doll top. It earned this moniker by not having any shaping for someone over the age of, say, 8. It is and will remain unfinished, since I will take a tee shirt over this any day :-)

Quickly now...what I'm reading....

And passing the ball!!

Happy Pyjama Day to all my fellow sewists and readers and everyone who loves a good PJ bottom - Coco

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Itchy fingers...Burda 7200 Long Dress

I have been sewing sleepy things way too much! Am really really wanting to work on something else. The good part - aside from having lots of PJs - is that I cleaned out my sleep top drawer and took a bunch of tees up to the loft for practice on the serger with knits, have been working with wovens for so long, out of practice. For a reason...

I am in love with Burda 7200, the long version. The recommended fabric is jersey knit, and I really do not want to invest and mess this up :) Shopping fabrics for the first rendition has been fun. I've stretched my imagination a bit from solids to prints, no decision as yet (?).


This is so relaxing...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leslie's Lap Buddy Sew-Along

Sharing...A lap buddy sew-along from Robin at Cook Sew Smile.  It is such a  clever idea, an apron for a recovering breast surgery patient. It has two pockets into which those post-surgery drains fit, oh so much better! I think it would work for drains and medication balls and such for other surgeries as well.  A fat quarter and a pack of double fold tape!

Thanks and best wishes to Robin and Leslie.

Simplicity 3799 - Summer PJ Shorts


I am happily de-stashing short cuts into sleep shorts! Winter's over, craft fairs are done, and I have lots of fabric pieces that are in the 1+ yard category.  I like this pattern  because it is not too short  -I can go outside and pretend I'm wearing board shorts :-)

The funky fabrics are leftovers from my 2011 "Back Alley Five & Dime" handmade craft table. They are all 100% cotton calico from JoAnns. Love keepsake calico -  it is a perfect weight and hand for a lot of things I sew down here in warm, humid, always sunny, I'm hot, where is the lemonade, sunglasses please, fan me, SPF 100 Florida.

The T-shirts are good old JoAnns 3-for-$10 pre-washed cotton tees. My absolute favorites because the sleeves are not too big, they have no nylon thread, and the shoulder seams are flat-felled (I cannot wear plastic seam stabilizer or nylon threads against my skin...I know I'm not alone and they are in almost all RTW tees now).

Yes, I'm having fun!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Beautiful planet

My small garden, 2003, 3 years old...

2005, Hurricane Wilma

Earth Day, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pajama Party Update - Cutting Room Floor

The shopping trip for Pyjama Party fabric was so successful. I know I sort of said I might look for something funky, but this is as close as I got. My penchant for feminine got me in the end. All cottons from JoAnns. White robe in a plisse-like tutti fruitti, PJ bottoms in a multi-stripe seersucker, and look at this lovely print for the top! Cannot believe how it picks up the seersucker stripes and colors. I thought the man in line with me was going to snatch them both away when he saw them on the table together. The eyelet will be removed from its binding and sewn into a seam, as I cannot wear lace against my skin. prove I am seriously started, even though show day is a week away, and I've been doing so many other things, like reading blogs, making sleep shorts so I can be true to Me-Made-May, reading Threads and Hunger Games and A Night to Remember: my living room floor right now at this minute - and yes, I am cutting this tissue. I like working with tissue :-)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring/Summer Palette Challenge - My Moodboard!

So into the idea of a mini-season plan. I've been kind of doing this, taking notes, ordering something here, something there. But this is better. The Spring/Summer Palette Challenge is a perfect little thing to get my ideas pulled together...and have some pretties at the end of it.

Ta dum. My Moodboard.

I love it. It really reflects my passion for resonant tropical colors, long flowing styles, large florals, and graceful silhouettes. I adore turquoise and pinks and magentas and purples as well, but am picky picky picky on these so just hinted in the fabric swatches.

No crayon colors here. I hope you enjoy my moodboard and will try to tie my projects back as I finish them. Ciao!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Me-Made in May!!

This is crazy good! I am not sure how well I will do - the goal is to wear a me-made garment every day in May. I don't think I even have 30 outfits to wear, much less 30 me-made garments. We will definitely be seeing some duplicates and maybe some interesting interpretive takes on this! My pledge:

I, Coco, endeavour to wear me-made garments each day for the duration of May 2012.

Well, it is signed, so happy!  Coco

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pyjama Party!

Just the thing...Did You Make That? is hosting a Pyjama Party! Loads of lovely guys and gals are coming, cannot wait for the big reveals on April 28. Everyone is doing a PJ bottom, sets are optional. Here's my pick:

Off for fabric tomorrow, cotton for sure, hoping for something a little funky. The robe is so adorable!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Taxes and sewing

Of course I've known for 2 months that I would have to write my Uncle Sam a check...but I just put it out of my mind. I've been busy. LOL. But in the last week I have felt a little anxiety creep up on me, just enough to make me order, yes, 3 pieces of fabric and 5 patterns. Well, I admit, somehow I'm going backwards on this tax thing!

Last night I swore to myself, no more sewing or buying until the tax return is done and paid for. There. And I just did it.

Yes, I've written a check. But please note - my therapy is in place - I have 3 pieces of fabric and 5 patterns to look forward to.  It all works out, I am happy as a clam!

p.s. I would never ever allow one of my children to use this kind of logic on me...

Simplicity 7520 Tie-On Dress

What fun! I made this OOP tie-on dress pattern in the '70s, when I was in college in New Jersey, and remember wearing it on vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida. My original pattern is long gone, but I found this on What a surprise - it was the only one and in my size. Meant to be.

And of course I sewed the long version. It fits right into my love of long dresses with simple lines - perfect for large colorful prints, easy to wear, and comfortable in our Florida climate (we have this humidity thing... ).

The front of the dress has soft gathering into a square bodice, which matches a plain square back. Wide straps front and back are knotted very comfortably at the shoulder. The straps are wide enough to hide an undergarment strap! And both versions of the dress have side seam pockets.

The beautiful print fabric is 100% cotton tropical shirting from JoAnns. It is a perfect weight for a maxi dress, a bit heavier than a quilting cotton, and has a very smooth hand. The colors are very even and the black is dense. It came out of pre-wash with no sign of a center fold line from the bolt, not even a crease! Pretty good for a cotton, remarkable for a black cotton. Made me happy since the dress pieces are wider than 21" and would show a fold mark. I am really glad I ordered a second piece in an orange print for a tunic-length blouse - should be perfect.

The pattern says 'Jiffy' but I managed to add an hour or more to the sewing time because I am SO PICKY! 
hmmm. If picky is facing the gathered bodice inset,
Sewing side seams BEFORE putting on the armhole facing
Pulling thread tails to the inside and hiding them, rather than backstitch in topstitching...

And finishing all the inside seams (just feels good and wears longer)!

The dress is such a nice fit. I sewed a medium, but this is a '70's pattern. I would sew a small now and probably have too much fabric in the armscye. Sizing has changed!

 I just finished this, have worn it, love it, and want another one. Am so spoiled.