Sunday, May 24, 2015

Butterick 6024 Pintuck Blouse in summer white

Good morning!

I've decided I'm on a summer white roll...this is the first of several white tops I've been working on in the loft. Good timing on this one - I just got an email from McCall's extolling the virtues of summer whites, this pattern included!

This interesting little pattern has been hanging around in my stash for a looong time. It really took the right fabric to get me going. I recently found this lightweight, 59" wide cotton shirting at JoAnns, and I grabbed all that remained, about 4 yds. I love the alternate faggoting and embroidered lines. Something a little different from a woven stripe or eyelet. And the stripes are 1" apart - so convenient for doing pintucks and matching things! You can really see the fabric in this pic of the shoulder seam:

Of course I mixed things up: the back is from View A, the front from View C, and the sleeves from View B. They mix and match beautifully, no pattern issues at all. I admit I feel really trendy and a bit brave going with the long shirt tail back. But it's so cute!

Sewing notes:
  • Some reviewers found that the top runs large, and it sure does if sewn just as it comes. The Medium (12-14), my usual size, worked great as a starting point for me. Note that 'starting'...
  • To avoid a gaping neckline: I pinched out about 3/8" in the sides of the front neckline, slashed and flattened the change towards the lower armhole. It was such a small amount of fabric that I did not take any of the change into the shoulder.
  • To widen the shoulder: I added 1/2" to the inside edge of the shoulder. On the front, I carried the 1/2" all the way around the neckline. In the back, I cured the extra width into the original neckline, which gives it a little more curve.
  • To narrow the back: The back was way too wide for me - I took 1 1/4" out of the center back, top to bottom. And cut my fabric on the fold instead of with a seam. There's no curve in the seam, why add a seam...
  • To finish the sleeve: I added a 5/8" wide cuff, instead of using elastic in a self-faced casing. 

    I did not change the length at all!

I made one change that I sort of anticipated -  what about that pesky little notch in the center front of Views C and D? Ever notice how the corners of these notches tend to flop around, not stay up? Can't stand that. But I gave it a go, hoping to combat the flop with a well-interfaced placket. I really disliked the result! All I could see in my slightly sheer fabric was that placket...

There was plenty of room in the bodice to change it - I took out the placket and ran a 5/8" seam all the way down the front. Better...

The hem was pretty easy, especially since I hemmed the front and back separately! It's so much easier than trying to hem that curve at the side (and would not be an issue with the straight hem, as in Views B, C, and D). 

I am totally happy with this pattern! It's just fun and funky to wear.

Ciao! Coco


  1. Pretty summer top & love your fabric choice.

  2. I too have had this pattern in my stash for too long. I'm really inspired now to dig it out and make it up. This is a really lovely top.

  3. What a lovely fresh looking top. Great fabric and love the stripe "matching".

  4. The top looks fantastic on you! Very summery and trendy.

  5. What a nice pattern and you just can't go wrong with a beautiful white top!

  6. Love the top and the white fabric was surely the right fabric choice for this. You look very chic and stylish.

  7. You look so comfortable wearing it too. You always look great.

  8. Love this! The fabric is a great find on it's own, but the added pintucks take it over the top. This easy, breezy style is so wonderful for summer. I was thinking about sewing something white all day yesterday too. Great minds, thinking alike!

  9. This is what I aim for--->a perfect blend of fabric and pattern. Really nice Coco.

  10. Love it! It's a great, light , comfy summer top that is pretty as well.

  11. I love this on you! It is so perfect for summer and the fabric is really nice and perfect for a summery top.

  12. Lovely! It looks very fresh and summery!

  13. I have to say, your remake makes this top look a WHOLE LOT better than the original!


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