Monday, September 30, 2013

The excitement continues chez Coco...

Oh gosh, the phone rang at 7 this morning...I was still asleep. Mostly because I've been watching the Breaking Bad marathon for 5 days, and my days and nights are a little upside down. I actually ignored the phone. But then it rang again. You know that sinking feeling?

My Mum got a pacemaker 1 week ago today. I was up and out of bed really fast on that second call. Thank goodness, it was only the roofers.

Only the roofers? Nobody told me they were coming today!! Turns out their 'new' secretary forgot to call me. Not only were they coming, they were knocking at the door 5 minutes later :-)

Fortunately I decided on Sunday afternoon to move the plants out of the gazebo - I knew the roofers would move it eventually. Boy, my brain is working overtime. Maybe because I'm now drinking hot cocoa every night. I read in an article on the BBC website, that a recent study showed increased mental acuity and memory retention in folks who drink hot cocoa every day. How 'bout that?

I also blew out my garden of those new ones that's really light and shrinks up. I love it and have another one on standby. I like the plants on the fence and think I'll leave them there. The gazebo is on its last legs (rust), so I'll put it out in the next bulk pickup. New one next spring.

Back to the roof story...

Having a tile roof removed from a 2 story house is a very noisy enterprise. So is laying and tacking down the new asphalt fabric. And removing all the metal flashing.

Yes, things did fall off my walls, and my house is now really really dusty. I think any spiders that lived with me have packed up and gone to visit family.

A very helpful neighbor stopped by to let the roofers know that they had 3 trucks parked on the street and someone might hit them. hmmm. These were big 18-wheelers.

I think anyone would see them before hitting them...unless they were texting.

I stayed inside, except to open the door and snap a pic of the front walkway around 3:00.

The roofers are a great group, lots of grins and nice attitudes. They worked really fast and hard, and did a wonderful job of cleanup at the end of the day.

The house looks so different with no tile! But I'm 'dried in' (rain-proof) and all set for tomorrow. 

Parting back yard from my neighbor's lawn. I should do a photo shoot on this side.

Bye for now! Coco


  1. Home improvement is so much fun...not. But your house will be even more beautiful when all done. Enjoy the Breaking bad marathon. We watched the finale last night. Oh, so sad.

    1. I'm looking forward to the new roof...the repairs in the last 4 years have been ridiculous. Also looking forward to seeing the finale of Breaking Bad. My daughter came over from Ft. Myers and spent the night with me last night (attorney, she had a deposition with doctors in Ft. Lauderdale), said the finale was really good. I don't have a DVR, but the finale is being re-run like crazy. Hope you are doing well...

  2. Your home is beautiful and the new shingles look very nice!!! I laughed about the "helpful neighbor".

  3. When it rains it pours! But now you'll be snug. The new roof looks wonderful and while I'm sure writing out that big old check hurt like heck, it's just one of those must have things. At least you got a nice crew.


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