Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dreaming about water...

Don't do it! What a week at the loft. I really did dream about water last weekend. And I kept thinking I heard water dripping. Checked my kitchen faucet. Stood in the middle of the bathroom and listened. Nothing. Even went outside with a flashlight and checked the water meter! It was not turning.

But I just knew something was up.

On Tuesday I came through the garage to take the groceries into the kitchen (I usually just go through the front door). And there it was on the garage floor...water. A long puddle of water. Under the washing machine and the hot water heater. Up the walls. Out the garage door.

And on the baseboards, M.O.L.D.   Scary stuff, ugly, yucky. Stopped me in my tracks.    

I had no choice but to call in the big guys...

Lots of big guys.

It's now Sunday. I have a 'slab leak' - a cold water pipe has broken inside the concrete foundation of the house. A slab leak can't be repaired - it has to be located and isolated. The plumbers cap the two ends of the pipe, where they exit the slab into the house. And then bypass the leak with new piping.

Finding the leak took 8 hours, two men, and a jackhammer.

As of today, the mold has been 'remediated', the turbo fans and dehumidifier are gone, all the walls and floors are dry. Of course I have lots of missing and damaged wallboard in the garage, as well as a 2' x 5' hole on the outside of the house (jackhammer...). Reconstruction begins next week. Washer and dryer are disconnected, but (here comes the bright side )...

As my Mom pointed out, I have lots of clothes!

Ciao! Coco


  1. I so feel for you having experienced my own water troubles recently!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! Hope yours are fixed and did not break the bank!

  2. Oh Coco, I truly feel your pain. Water leaks/intrusion are the worst! We had a huge indoor 'flood' several years ago, so I know the sound of all those machines well. I hope the reconstruction goes well!

  3. So sorry! Your subconscious was on the ball however. :-)

  4. I had a similar thing happen a few years back. What an ordeal it was, mine was from the water supply to the house and I had no running water for several days. It's a good thing you found it when you did. It could have been much worse.

    Still a pain to deal with though.

  5. Oh, no! Sadly, I am very familiar with turbo fans and of our leaks involved the ceiling in the garage collapsing! Thank goodness my sewing machine was unharmed both times. I waded through the mess to clear out all of my fabric and supplies and haul them upstairs. Here's hoping it all gets sorted out for you soon.

  6. Went through this last year and so understand your situation. Good news is it will all return to normal. We are still putting the finishing touches on our family room but that has been the fun part.

  7. Sounds really stressful. I hope it's all sorted soon. So strange that your subconscious knew something was up in advance! Good luck!

  8. Not fun! It's a good thing you brought your groceries in through the garage when you did!

  9. Oh crap, what a nightmare. Glad it has gotten fixed. I'm sure the bill was swoon worthy and your were perfectly dressed! :)


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