Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A quiet day...

I got up this morning feeling sad - the events of yesterday in the Washington Navy Yard just keep going through my mind. And I know I have lots of company.  After catching up on the news, I took my coffee out on the porch, my favorite place.

Even at quarter till 9:00, it was almost dark outside. The street light was still on, and I could hear low rumbles of thunder. Of course - we were about to have a downpour. A quick look at my weather station - the humidity was 89%! It was almost raining in the air (is that possible?) All the plants on the porch were happy, though, they had drops of condensation on every leaf tip.

And it really rained! Mr. Toad came out to play in his favorite spot by the porch. 

He is such a comedian. I took this pic of him last year. Mr. Toad in the bird frog bath. The figurine is a frog, and the birds have never come near it! so I keep water in it for him.

Once the rain settled down to a drizzle, I headed off to the library, where I got 3 books for $3 from the little Friends of the Library shop: The Bonesetter's Daughter, by Amy Tan, The Deep End of the Ocean, by Jacquelyn Mitchard, and White Oleander, by Jane Fitch. For some reason, I'm afraid I got 3 books about challenged women. Oh my.

Just finished Our Kind of Traitor by John Le Carre (great spyville story, love his work) and The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe (also a great read, fun twisty plot, very clever).

Believe it or not, I don't read as much fiction as non-fiction - I just read fiction faster. On my non-fiction side, books in progress include Columbine by Dave Cullen (a re-read), Thunderstruck by Erik Larson (Marconi), Into the Silence by Wade David (George Mallory, the Great War, the conquest of Mt. Everest, all in one book), A Civil Action by Jonathan Harr (I had seen the movie but not read the book, which is fascinating), and Queen Victoria by Lytton Strachey. Yes, I usually have several going at one time!

I also checked for BurdaStyle Magazine - ummm, no. Twenty or so books on sewing, mostly beginner level, which is good, I think, for a library. About 400 cooking books! And 200 diet books!!

Off to read, bye for now - Coco


  1. Mr. Toad looks like a friendly companion on a rainy day:) Thank you for the book list. The only one I've read is The Bonesetter's Daughter. I am like you, I read just as much nonfiction as fiction. Have you read The Orchid Thief? That is set in your neck of the woods.

  2. We had a thunderstorm this morning about 5am. What a pleasure to wake to the sound of rain here in the high desert. The 3 books you picked up are all wonderful!! Let's honor the memories of those lost by living kind and generous lives. Thinking of you in your sadness, Mary

  3. Reading books and sewing. What more could you ask for, except a rainy day to enjoy them!

  4. A nice rain and a good book....lovely. Didn't now I'd missed and Erik Larsen- got to get ahold of that one!


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