Thursday, October 3, 2013

Virginia Leggings - absolute fun!

I'm loving this leggings pattern from Megan Nielsen! 

There are only two pattern pieces - a waistband and a leg - with a choice of a regular rise or a 'maternity' low rise (which I think is pretty neat).

And they don't need much fabric, a little less than 1.5 yd of a 60" stretch knit.

I made just a couple tweaks to the pattern:
  • I'm 5/7", 40" hip, 30" waist, and sewed a size Large. 
  • Cut the length at the hem line for the XL, which gave me another 1/2" or so. It's hard to see on my leggings, because of the print, but they really do scrunch up at the ankle - so cute!
  • Added 2" at the top of the leg pattern piece - the rise was too short to be comfortable, sides, front and back. Since this pair is my muslin, I actually added a strip of fabric at the 'top' once the leg seams were sewn and fitted. I like my leggings (and pantyhose, for that matter) to come up a bit above my natural waist and not be crawling down as soon as I start walking around :-)

OK, this is moi thinking I saw something on the floor, most likely something that got tracked in from all the stuff going on outside. 

Maybe I'm just losing it...

I'm back - composed once again. I even put my shoes on.

Parting roof update:

Two days ago - supplies for the next layer...

Yesterday - rain delay!

Today - the hot asphalt crew

Tonight - the 3rd layer is complete 
The new tile comes tomorrow on the biggest truck of all.  All smiles - Coco


  1. Great leggings, and thanks for all the technical information. I know you will be glad when that roof gets finished:)

  2. Cute leggings. I like the colorful material.

  3. Cute leggings in a fun fabric!

  4. Very cute leggings, Coco, love the fabric. I like the rise a little higher also.

  5. Whoops! I thought your roof was done...that you went from tile to asphalt shingles and it looked nice. No...the asphalt was just the 1st part. :)

    Your leggings are too cute to be a muslin..I love the print!

  6. These are super cute and they look very nice on you. I love the slouchy look at the bottom - thanks for the great review - I think I may give them a try!

  7. What nice leggings you have! I never would have thought of this pattern. I'll have to go check it out. And that is a very cool gator! I've actually looked at them and often wondered how it would look, now I know. It's on the list for next year's garden improvements. Wonder if they have dragons. I would love to use the line "Here be dragons." and have it so! ;)

  8. Great leggings...I don't think to use a print so thanks!

  9. Very cute leggings & they look great on you!

  10. Very cute leggings! The print looks really good with a plain dress on top :)

  11. You've got the legs for these leggings!

  12. What gorgeous leggings - love the colours, and they look great with the cardigan. The roof looks good too :)

    I've added you to the blog roll for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge>

  13. You are too cute. :-) love the leggings.


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