Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Vogue 8810 - A new dress for fall

It's officially autumn, even here in south Florida, regardless of our very warm weather and leaves that stay green. And even I have the 'transition' bug, that little urge to do something different for fall.

I picked up Vogue 8810 last spring, not with any particular fabric in mind, but because I really like the lines of View D. It's a nice take on a shirtwaist, very feminine - no collar, bit of a bow at the waist, soft gathers at the shoulders, pockets, and a semi-circular skirt. Perfect.

Then along came this wonderful cotton print from Alexander Henry's Fulham Road collection, plum Sloane. I've had to rethink my initial neutral reaction to the Pantone 2013 Fall color palette...

Because they're all in here!

From Holly Lobby

This looks like a fall dress, right?

It's a Vogue Easy pattern, fun to sew, with lots of little details to keep me busy and content.

Sewing notes:

- This is my usual size 14, and the fit is spot on. I'm 5'7", and had plenty of hem, actually took it up 2".

- I sewed the waist with a 3/8" seam, rather than 5/8", just to get a tad more length in the bodice.

- The pattern has dropped shoulders, but I think they must work better with sleeves! The same pattern pieces are used for both sleeved and sleeveless tops, but sort of fly away on the sleeveless version.

From the pattern envelope
After I sewed the shoulder and side seams, I trimmed the armhole: 3/4" at the top, curing down to 1/4" between the notches. Then I trimmed off 1/2" the side seam, starting at the armhole, curing down to the first notches. Seems like I do this a lot now, all the big 4 must think we flair out at our underarms! end of rant...

- To finish the armhole, I used a 1 3/4"  self-fabric bias binding, rather than a facing.

- Because the tie belt is over a waistline seam, I extended the casing to 3/4" from the bodice edge. This way I won't have to worry about the seam wandering above or below the belt. It works really well.

- Button, button, who has the button...this dress is buttoned all the way down the front. Except I sewed the skirt buttons through both layers without cutting open the buttonhole. They'll never open!  And I ended up putting 4 buttons on the bodice rather than 2. This dress 'wants' to close higher on me, not something I feel like changing by redrafting the whole bodice! Easier to add buttons :-)

I didn't put a button at the waist at all, but sewed a large snap on the inside instead.

Cute dress with a modest twirl factor:

Ciao! Coco


  1. Cute dress, Coco! Are you getting the rain we are getting here is Tampa? It's non-stop, the dogs are missing play time at the park.

    1. Thank you, Andrea! It's threatening rain, splattering. I know it's pouring on you, my daughter in Ft. Myers and son in Orlando. I'm staying inside :-) Poor pups!

  2. Oh, I love this! What adorable fabric and the dress is super cute on you. I wouldn't have EVER given this pattern a second look but you make it rock!

  3. So pretty! And that's a good idea about the skirt buttons.

  4. A very pretty dress and I can imagine that it will be super useful in Florida!

  5. Sharp take on a warm fall- nice details!

  6. Cool, cool print! It looks like the whole pantone palette is there!

  7. Lovely! The perfect transition dress - pattern, fabric choice and your personal sewing skills too.

  8. Your dress looks lovely, it's always nice to have a little twirl factor :)

  9. I really like your dress. The print is so pretty. I have this pattern, so it is nice to see what it looks like when it is sewn up.

  10. I don't know if it looks like a fall dress but it sure looks like a very happy dress! Love the fabric and the pattern you chose is flattering to both fabric and you! Happy twirling!!!

  11. You used such a pretty print to make a beautiful dress!


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