Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pyjama Party Reveal! McCalls 5989

I am late revealing my jammies because of the rain...I had planned to do my pics outside in our pretty sunshine. oops!  And then I decided to do my hair and makeup (what an occasion this is...).

Adorable robe and bottoms. My fabrics are from JoAnns -  I sewed a size 14 with no alterations, except for a couple adds in the robe, below.

Simple bottoms, thoroughly comfy. I did them in a cute seersucker stripe and used a 1" knit elastic waistband. I plan to do more in seersucker and in quilting cotton, so many print choices and constantly on sale.

I must say that making the robe was like making a couture coat! And I think it would be stunning in velvet as an evening coat. Mine is done in a funky fabric called tutti fruitti. It washed up soft as a worn sheet, really nice for this robe. (Strange, I used it in a red polka dot that is still crisp after many washing. Must be the dye.)

The pattern suggested making a thread belt loop - NOT - I added sewn loops in the side seam. And of course I added in-seam pockets 3 1/2" down from the natural waistline. What is a robe without pockets?

Did I leave out something? Oh, yes. This pattern comes with a top, which I will call the paper doll top. It earned this moniker by not having any shaping for someone over the age of, say, 8. It is and will remain unfinished, since I will take a tee shirt over this any day :-)

Quickly now...what I'm reading....

And passing the ball!!

Happy Pyjama Day to all my fellow sewists and readers and everyone who loves a good PJ bottom - Coco


  1. How utterly pretty! I love that robe. And you have a question ball - yippee.

  2. thats lonely Coco. Really chic pjs.

    Such a nice party.

  3. Your PJ set it really nice. If you don't want any of that liquid sunshine, send some up the east coast, about 250-300 miles.

  4. Gosh, 'sew' stylish!

  5. Great PJs and the robe is very cute!


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