Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Simplicity 3799 - Summer PJ Shorts


I am happily de-stashing short cuts into sleep shorts! Winter's over, craft fairs are done, and I have lots of fabric pieces that are in the 1+ yard category.  I like this pattern  because it is not too short  -I can go outside and pretend I'm wearing board shorts :-)

The funky fabrics are leftovers from my 2011 "Back Alley Five & Dime" handmade craft table. They are all 100% cotton calico from JoAnns. Love keepsake calico -  it is a perfect weight and hand for a lot of things I sew down here in warm, humid, always sunny, I'm hot, where is the lemonade, sunglasses please, fan me, SPF 100 Florida.

The T-shirts are good old JoAnns 3-for-$10 pre-washed cotton tees. My absolute favorites because the sleeves are not too big, they have no nylon thread, and the shoulder seams are flat-felled (I cannot wear plastic seam stabilizer or nylon threads against my skin...I know I'm not alone and they are in almost all RTW tees now).

Yes, I'm having fun!


  1. I have that pattern; guess I'd better try it for the shorts, since you mentioned that they are a "good" length.

    1. Hi! I've traced mine a couple times, I love the capris as well, and made a full-length pants version. Just fit me right, not too baggy (oh, baggy, bad word!) Coco

  2. it is a perfect weight and hand for a lot of things, Fashionably elegant and comfortable Womes Cotton Sleep Shorts that is perfect for sports as well as daily casual wear


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