Friday, June 27, 2014

Curve ahead...

I'm not quite like Brandon, I know how to make a curve. Or have a curve. And I don't really mind free-handing a curve when I'm tracing a pattern or 'curing' a line.

Truth is, I've never owned a sewing curve ruler! No particular reason, except perhaps that I learned to sew without one.
One day the light bulb came on (actually, I just felt like buying something, I get like that sometimes). And I absolutely had to have a curved ruler. What a pleasurable decision! I spent almost two hours researching the choices, reading reviews, and finally selecting one - the Fairgate Fashion Form ruler.

Instant love. Now I'm a drafting fool, whizzing through tracing with a single bound.

Some reasons I selected this particular ruler over others out there (in particular the Dritz Styling Design ruler, which is readily available in stores, whereas the Fairgate is pretty much an online order item).
The ruler is long, 24" bottom to top - more importantly it has markings to 26" on the curve and 20" on the straight lines. 
The markings are black, not red, which is much easier for me to read.
The top of the curve is tighter on the Fairgate - that extra bit might come in handy. One has to look at them together to see the difference:

 Picky picky...

I'm having such a good time today with my new ruler. And a bonus. While researching, I found a friendly site that offers a french curve template that can be downloaded, printed, and copied onto a suitable medium. A freebie and so organic!

Poor little dragonfly. We love them here and call them Mosquito Hawks. Dragonflies really do eat mosquitoes, unlike crane flies that have the same nickname. This looks like the result of a mid-air collision or badly aimed bite. The air was full of dragonflies after a rain.

Bye for now, and a nice weekend to all, Coco


  1. I recently picked up a hip curve ruler at the thrift store for 25 cents. I have been surprised at how much I've already used it when altering patterns. Hope you are having a good summer!

  2. I LOVE my curved rulers. As you have already found out - you will love yours too!

  3. I anything more fun than buying new toys for hobbies you love?

  4. I bought my first curved ruler this of those had-to-have-can't-live-without-it moments. Dritz. I haven't used it yet. I also bought a straight 6" X 24". I suppose it's for quilting (I don't quilt), but I use it a lot for sewing, especially when I want to take away from a seam allowance. Like the skirt I'm making today that is too big.


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