Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pattern Runway Gathered Sundress - My June Garment of the Month!

Oh, it feels good to make something that works! I originally planned to make a skirt from this pattern, but was not happy with the fabric I had chosen for it and didn't feel like struggling. This was perfect, what a great pattern.

Of course, I had to make a maxi dress. And I made a few changes to the bodice because I can't wear zippers. But if you squint, it's the same dress :-). 

My reconstruction and sewing notes:

Rather than work with the bodice provided, I used the bodice from Butterick 5736 (also seen as a tunic and a dress a couple years ago). It's generous enough for me to slip over my head, no closure needed. And instead of a fitted waistband, I made one the same width as the lower edge of the bodice.

The band, which is lined in poly/cotton broadcloth, is 3" wide unfinished, and is sewn with 1/2" seam allowances.


I like the contrast waistband, I think it breaks up the print a bit  and adds interest to the dress.


The bodice is finished with generous bias bindings, applied in the round for comfort. I mention this because I've been asked what kinds of things I do to make my clothes more comfortable for sensitive skin. I find that avoiding open seam allowances against my skin really helps, particularly around my neck, shoulders, underarms, and waist.

Fabric: Floral Orange cotton calico from JoAnns

Shoulder seam

Bottom of arm opening

The pockets are very shallow, but are easy to lengthen. I added 4" to the pocket and pocket lining at a point that didn't effect the inside and outside curves.

 And I lengthened the skirt by 20". The rest of the dress is straight from the pattern!

Miss Squirrel missed this one...she must be off playing with her friend next door again.

Ciao! Coco


  1. Very cute, Coco! I love your line: "But if you squint, it's the same dress." So funny!!

  2. That is a lovely summer dress. Very cool and fresh.

  3. That is so pretty Coco - the colour really suits you. It's very wearable, but special at the same time.

  4. Lovely dress Coco. I like the contrast band and I am impressed by your neat finishes.

  5. I like the contrast; it has a nice effect.

  6. Gorgeous dress and looks perfect on and refreshing. I love the pockets!!!

  7. That looks Great on you, coco. thank you for showing the inside seam details. I haven't sewn many woven fabrics (I find knits easier to sew) - so your pictures give me an idea of how to work with woven fabrics on the inside.

  8. I love that contrast- great choice- this pattern has great pockets and a no zip alternative- I'm in heaven!

  9. Great make and it looks so dang perfect for summer enjoyment. I love Frankenpatterning myself. :)

  10. Lovely sewing and it looks so elegant on you.


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