Thursday, July 3, 2014

Republique du Chiffon - Robe Lucie

My Ashley is the lucky one this time - this Lucie is for her! A surprise dress for her trip with D. to the San Diego ComicCon later this month. If her Lizzy dressform will give it up! Even unhemmed, it is a lovely look for summer.

Republique du Chiffon came out with this pattern a couple weeks ago, and it captured me from the moment I saw Julie's test version on JolieBobines.

I think the low-slung back, loose bodice, and saucy attitude make a great statement. The little lines on the shoulder are for piping. Such a nice touch.

How pretty is the back of this dress! Ashley actually has this tattoo, it is 'Pura Vida' wrapped around Costa Rican orchids, a memory of when we lived there. Her new dress will showcase it so beautifully.

Poly/cotton broadcloth lining from JoAnns

Directions are provided for lining the dress, which is optional. It would be easy to line only the bodice or to use binding on the neckline and armholes instead. I decided to use a full lining, because the main fabric, a polyester broadcloth from, is very lightweight. 

Sewing notes:

The pattern, which is a PDF download, and instructions are in French, but with only two bodice pieces and two rectangles for the skirt, this isn't a complicated construction. The instructions include lots of very large, well-drawn pictures!

I constructed the lining as an underdress, instead of lining the bodice and skirt separately. I much prefer the movement of an underdress for a shift (which really moves much as a coat does).

Topstitching the bodice was my last step. A little tip for topstitching to keep the fabric from shifting or pushing forward under the presser foot - take a minute to baste first...

Well, I'm officially jealous. I want one! 

Ciao! Coco


  1. OMG!!! I love it and can't wait to wear it!!! Muchas Gracias!!! XOXO

    (PS - if this post shows up more than once - user issue with login, lol!)

  2. Jealous! Comic con and a fab floral frisky dress. Don't make me buy another pattern Coco!!!

    1. IMO, this one would be absolutely fab on you!! and I just know you have all those great prints in your stash...

  3. Ashley is a very lucky girl and her tattoo is gorgeous! Also, the dress, fabulous and I love the print you used. I do not speak any French, let alone read it, but want this pattern so badly. I am an Advanced Beginner, could I do it? Hmmm, I wonder!? TFS

  4. Oh, and I have to say, my Ex-mother-in-law, now deceased, was from Costa Rica and always told us how beautiful it was there! She grew up on a farm with her brothers and sister. All now deceased, but they all, every one of them, lived a very long and good life.


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