Saturday, June 21, 2014

Making plans for July...

I'm starting my July Garment of the Month planning early! It's all about the Fourth of July - and I'm feeling like a bit of fun to go along with the celebration.

I finally gave in to my adoration of the Alexander Henry hunks gentlemen and ordered the 'Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness' pattern from eQuilter.
Note about eQuilter: They have an incredible selection of AHenry prints, my go-to site when I need a fix. They also ship faster than any site I've ever used and are just nice. They always write a thank you on the shipping receipt.
This is a large print! so I need something that will handle those marching boys and flags without the distraction of gathers and so on. I'm going with my version of Butterick 5881, Katherine Tilton's layered dress.

More sewing for July - it's San Diego ComicCon time! I always try to make something special for Ashley and her guy D. for the trip. They are avid pop culture aficionados and go to 'Cons all year long. San Diego is the big event. Ashley has shipped me fabric from Spoonflower (I found a Mass Effect print), and I anticipate a dress before mid-July. Also have a perfect print for PJ's bottoms for D.

Other news - we are into our rainy season here Florida. Lots of cozy dark afternoons of sewing, reading and listening to the garden grow.

Zebra butterfly in the jatropha...

Hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend, bye for now! Coco


  1. It will be my first Fourth of July celebrations this year, so I've started thinking about out some red white and blue outfits for our house too. Exciting!

  2. I love those Alexander Henry cottons! I've used quite a few of them for tennis skirts, I get a lot of giggles on the court. carries them too. I'm looking forward to your 4th of July creation.

  3. If you don't stop, I'll be making that Tilton pattern soon!

  4. You inspired me this morning! Can't wait to see what you make out of it.

  5. hunky fabric...who knew patriotism was so sexy?

  6. Great ideas! I love what you've done with the K. Tilton dress. So cute and will look wonderful in patriotic fabric. I have my top all ready. Red white and blue nautical print from A. Henry done this past spring.

  7. What a lovely dress this print will make - you've chosen the perfect pattern :)

  8. I have a secret stash of AH Hunks fabric. What a fun print for a July 4th dress!


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