Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pink for Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! And yes, my second post in two days. I just can't stand to look at all that bluish green on my blog from my last post. Just me...

I need pink!

This little dress is one of the muslins I did for my MOB dress. I've done 5 muslins from all sorts of pattern combos. Exhausted. But my MOB dress is in the closet and will be blogged post-wedding :-)

This version is basically my Jungle January dress,

BurdaStyle 05/2010 #113 with modified bodice

with  3/4 length sleeves, as in this muslin.

It's done in Tribal Stripe cotton lawn from So soft and easy to sew, it presses beautifully and doesn't wrinkle! 

Originally I thought I would line it because it's a very thin lawn. And I made a full lining, planning to connect it to the main dress with binding only at the neckline. I even added lining for the sleeves, but thought I might remove it.

I attached neckline facing using the main fabric, so that any peek-a-boo into the back or front bodice would be pretty and not afford a glimpse of lining. The facing was sewn on top of the lining, to prevent show-through of the print.

Maybe this will make a nice summer dress or nightie! because I didn't use it. The dress doesn't need it. In retrospect, I think the lining would defeat the coolness of the lawn fabric in our Florida heat and humidity.

Things learned...

So I removed that pretty facing, underlined it, and used it on the dress. I used every scrap of 5 yards of fabric. Planning, matching, and sewing the pattern of stripes was pretty challenging, particularly with the attachment of the skirt to the bodice. Additionally, the skirt has three tiers - I didn't want to end up with the same stripe where two tiers joined!

It's extraordinarily comfortable and breezy to wear. Love it.

I'm off to the market to show off. Bye for now! Coco


  1. All those muslins and testings have provided you with a complete wardrobe! Now we await the big reveal.........Enjoy the day

  2. You have done a wonderful job. Especially on those stripes. Can't wait to see the MOB dress.

  3. I love that maxi dress and your pink hat is perfect with it!

  4. A lot of work indeed, but a lovely dress!

  5. I love the floweness of the dress!


  6. You look very dramatic standing in your lovely garden. Pink is so fun!

  7. Your dress is lovely, love the pink on you also love your hat. Is there a pattern for the hat?

  8. What a pretty dress! Perfect for Florida:)

  9. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the MOB dress!!

  10. I really like both dresses! I think they are perfect for your Florida climate!!

  11. Perfect warm weather wardrobe Coco.

  12. swooning over here, that dress (both actually!) looks like a summer breeze..

  13. I still plan to retire to Cocoville- it looks breezy and wonderful.


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