Friday, February 27, 2015

Indulging myself - but it's my birthday!

Birthdays are special...

Mine is tomorrow. February 28 - and I'll be 67! I was born in a Leap Year, at 9 o'clock in the evening. Were my parents worried that I might be a Leap Year baby? no! my brother, only 14 months old, was very sick with a cold. I think my Dad was a little put out that I pulled Mom away from nurse duty and left him in charge :-)

Dad was in graduate school at Stanford University, just out of the Navy. He got called back in for the Korean War - we moved 10 times up and down the California coast before I was 6. And the baby count went up to 4 in that time!

Every year I have a private celebration. When I was working, I always took a vacation day on my birthday - it was nice to just fool around, hug myself,  and enjoy my day.

At the park, 2/28/2003

Of course my annual celebration includes a gift to me from me. This year it's a new serger. Oh gosh, I need to say that again, a new serger!

Juki Pearl Line MO-654DE 2/3/4 Thread Serger w/ BONUS Package!

Includes Juki Instructional DVD Video, Juki Electronic Workbook, Juki 8 Foot Kit, 8 Cones of Thread, 50 Organ Needles, and Hemline Serger Tote Bag.

$499.99 / Free Shipping


Yes, a tote bag! I ordered online from Sewing Machines Plus (also where I purchased my Juki F600 - it came with a huge Bonus package as well, including a rolling tote bag). 

I take my machines to Ashley's house all the time, having a case for the serger will be wonderful! Kitty Nikita might be disappointed. She considers the serger threads to be her domain.

I've never had extra feet for my serger ( a Janome 8002D). This will be fun!

But I didn't get this serger for the feet. I've been a little unhappy with my Janome for a while. It's tricky to thread, kind of fussy. And I change colors a lot now that I use knits so much. Last night I was working on a Hot Patterns Joyful T. But I simply could not get my serger threaded - I threw up my hands, and went to bed with the serger open, the loft a mess, and threads everywhere. I don't like that feeling. 

This Juki has great reviews for its threading ease. I've read the users manual, researched the machine on the web, read reviews, etc., etc. Seems like a very well-priced little workhorse. I have to admit I love love that it really shows its insides - I can't imagine cleaning and oiling a serger without this feature. 

Features - it has all I need, plus things I didn't expect, like a needle threader, thread nets, and spare lower knife!

Birthdays get my vote! Bye for now - Coco

p.s. I'm 28 and holding.


  1. "They say it's your birthday, It's my birthday too, yeah" (Beatles) Happy birthday!!! I also celebrate on February 28th....I am turning 45! I spent my week shopping for all the fabrics I want but am too cheap to buy on a day to day basis. I think your shopping spree was way more successful than mine......I LOVE the new serger!! Hope you have a great day!!!

    1. Happy Birthday!! I love your sewing and have finally found your blog! Great makes! Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

  2. WOO HOO!! A new serger!! a wonderful birthday gift. Enjoy that new baby!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! I have the same serger and it is solid as a rock--I know you will enjoy it!

  4. Happy birthday Coco and well done for a wonderful gift!!! Enjoy!!!

  5. Happy Birthday and what a great present to yourself! Woohoo! My B-day is Sunday.

  6. Happy birthday, Coco! I am so glad you got yourself a beautiful serger! Enjoy it!!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! A new serger makes it especially happy...have fun!!!!

  8. I want one. I have an old Kenmore from 1990 which serves as a back up, and a Baby Lock, but the Baby Lock, which ia a good machine does not really like a couple of layers of heavy fabric. I am seriously considering buying the Juki.

  9. From one Piscean to another - A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and what a wonderful gift for yourself. Enjoy it.

  10. Happy belated birthday Miss Coco (hug)

  11. Happy birthday! I have the same serger & love it.


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