Friday, February 13, 2015

New Look 6323 Tunic in 'Lagoona' green...

My Craftsy lagoon emerald green Laguna stretch fabric came in the mail so fast that I was in a big hurry to do something with it. But it came with a surprise - it's a 4-way stretch, which I didn't realize when I ordered it. I have a bunch of it - 5 yards! How many leggings is that?

Anyway, I decided to use some of it to muslin a New Look pattern I found this week and had to have. Downloaded it, printed it, and now view B is sewn!

I love the look of that gathered back.

I've been looking for something like this! From my Evernote Inspiration file, three tunics from JJill:


I sort of collect patterns with fun backs. 

I sewed the top layer of this Katherine Tilton pattern as a tunic with a flounced front

McCalls 6996

Liesl Late Lunch Tunic - as a tunic and then as a fleece coat

Vogue 8817 - this front is a great one to match up as well. Planned.

Style Arc Rowe's Tunic - sewn but not blogged. I like the back, but not the dress or top!

Butterick 5533 - sewn in fleece with the U-back , love it. I should blog this cute jacket. 
Sewing notes:
- I made a size Large in this pattern, and it's a little big on me. I think it's due to the 4-way stretch in the fabric - it grew :-) I'll see how the next one goes.

- One design change: I lowered the front of View B to be level with the back, using the front of View D. Say that 3 times! If you do this, note that you need to redraft the back sides a little bit, because they are high as well. I brought them down about an inch and cured/redrew the back hemline.

- The fabric sewed fairly well. I used an elastic (lightning) stitch on the long seams and hems. Straight stitching, even with a walking foot, tended to stretch out a bit. I did use a straight stitch to flat-fell the shoulder seam and apply the neckline binding. 

- I started my test swatches with a jersey needle but switched to a ballpoint. Incredibly, the jersey needle punched visible holes in the fabric rather than slip past the threads. Must have been all that lycra.

I think the rest of the lagoon green Laguna will be used for PJs. It's very soft and comfy.

Hope everyone enjoys a nice weekend. Stay safe in the snow, please, those of you who can't see above the drifts...Ciao! Coco


  1. I looked at this pattern in Hancock today and now I see it. I love how comfy it looks on you, definitely a winner.

  2. Oooh- I love a swirly comfy tunic- two emerald thumbs up!

    1. Thanks, Anne. Boy, this color would be so pretty on you with your hair...

  3. I would say you got the perfect match for your JJill inspiration tops! Those New Look patterns don't scream for attention, but have a lot to them. I love that color on you!

    1. Thank you, Angela! and they're so affordable as well. This is a really nice pattern, hard to believe it has so many tops AND leggings!

  4. Nice look Coco, gorgeous color too.

  5. Coco, thank you for the reminder about this pattern!! I bought this to make and forgot about it...too many patterns... This tunic is really cute on you, and looks comfy too, which is requirement #1 in my book!

  6. That color is great on you. It looks so comfy, that is the look I am going for too.

  7. Lovely pics! Thanks for the pattern roundup. Always interesting to see them through someone else's eyes; I'd not spotted some of those before.

  8. gorgeous in "green" (I see teal); always love what you sew.

  9. So pretty! It makes me anxious to make one.


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