Saturday, January 31, 2015

MOB Dress - A tale of two tops

Only three weeks left before the big day, and I'm working on my final MOB dresses. Yes. Dresses, plural. I've chosen two designs and two fabrics!

But I'm laughing right now, so all is OK.

The boutonnieres at left are for the gents in the wedding party. I love them. Ashley was so excited to find these, offered by a crafter in the Ukraine. They're perfect for her latte/country pink color theme and reflect the ambiance that she and Darrin want to create.

I've actually completed all the fitting and muslins for the hardest part of the two dresses - the bodice. The skirts are easy! The two dress designs have a lot in common: a raised waist, rounded neckline, 3/4 length sleeves, and a long skirt gathered into the bodice. I tentatively plan a narrow sash-style band covering the bodice/skirt seam. Maybe even with a small bow and/or long ties in the back. For the skirt, well, either black or self-fabric.

Here's a look at the 'two tops'. This fabric is Floral/Aztec Print in a cotton/linen blend, from FabricMart. It's mid-weight, doesn't need a lining, and is the more casual of the two fabrics I'm considering.

First bodice, based on the Salme Pleated TShirt (the blue marks are chalk lines ):

My bodice has 3 pleats plus length for adding the skirt.The sleeves are extended with a band that will be hemmed to echo the pleats. The back is plain and has no darts.

And the second bodice, based on the one I used for my Tiered Maxi dress:

The front has side and vertical darts, and the back is plain. I redrafted the armscye using the Salme pattern and used the sleeves from that pattern as well, again with additional length.

Both tops have faced necklines, instead of binding.  I confess I'm always bothered by the raw edge of the hem on a facing, so I finish it first on the serger. Picky, but only takes a minute to do. It also makes the fold on the curved edge a lot easier! (yes, that's very high-tech masking tape on my needle plate, marked at 5/8" and 1" with a fine-tip Sharpie. I keep a roll in the loft.)

Back to the sewing loft for the weekend. Tennis, football, old Oscar-winning movies on TCM - what could be better. Hope yours is nice as well.

Ciao! Coco


  1. Lovely boutonnières and bodices! Which one will you choose? Hmmmm. Haven't made the pleated Salme top myself, it is a nice looking top. How clever to think of making it as a dress. Love how you always think outside the box, my dear! So glad to see you feeling well and busy sewing. I can hear the happiness in your words and see it in your smile! I think most MOB's glow with happiness and love just about as much as their daughters do. ;)

  2. Wow - love them both. I do really like the patterned fabric. Gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing the dresses completed.

  3. Both are lovely but I think for the MOB dress the first one with pleats is just a bit more special. But pick the one you fall in love with and will be most comfortable in since you will be beautiful no matter what.

  4. Lovely bodices both-I am looking forward to seeing the final result. I really like the fabric, and think it will be just perfect.

  5. I like the 1st one with the pleats, but both are nice and I sure do like the fabric!!!

  6. They both look nice! I look forward to seeing the finished dress.

  7. The pleats are really lovely. Very stylish.


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