Monday, January 19, 2015

Maxing out a muslin...

Indulging my love of maxi dresses...

Once I finished the pics for my MOB muslin #2,  which I wore as a top, I removed the bottom tier of black ITY knit and made a maxi!

I had the skirt tier on standby - it was a leftover from my first wadder of 2015, an unposted muslin using Butterick 6051.

I made the version in the pic above, but I just didn't like having the waistband at my natural waistline. My bust comes perilously close these days! and the effect is just not the best for me.

However, raising a waistline is easy. Check out all the designs included in the pattern! and it's intended for both knits and cottons. I think it's a great pattern and don't regret buying/making it at all.

Leaving mosquito-ville, more pics from the sunnier end of the patio...

Once I got the tier sewn on, I noticed the unfortunate angle of the medallion and pattern slices across my upper hip - but out of my control. It repeats on the back as well. I prefer to think it makes me look a bit like a harem dancer...

I never learn. A side trip into the garden,

And a hasty retreat. Seems I woke up the those little beasty mosquitos once again. This will stop soon. Our rainy season has stretched out this year, which is a blessing. I like to place the bug blame on my neighbor's two backyard ponds.

Ciao! Coco


  1. I really like your sense of color! It's happy!

  2. Very nice! And oh so fun to wear.

  3. This dress makes me happy. Love fabric and looks fantastic on you!

  4. I love your dress! It makes me happy too!!!


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