Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ramble - Bird Design Fabrics!

Here's a fun ramble through some of my favorite bird design fabrics! They are so appealing - hope you like them, too!

 Mod designs. I love the crisp, fresh appearance...

Menagerie Sherbert Twill 7 oz Cotton

Urban Zoologie Owls Kona Cotton

Urban Zoologie Peeps Kona Cotton

Tweet Tweet Cotton 

June Song Cotton

From the Korakuen Collection - beautiful, unique, reminiscent of block prints...

Korakuen Collection Kora 04 Blue

Korakuen Collection Kora 04 Red

Alexander Henry - print designer supreme!

Starling Cotton Pima Poplin

Spotted Owl Green Tea

Regent Peacock Gold and Blue Cotton

 Regent Peacock Black and Teal Cotton

My favorite bird design from AHenry...

Brazilia Cotton

Inspired...Ciao! Coco

p.s. these are all from They have the largest selection of AHenry fabrics I've ever encountered (216 as I write) and designers that are new to me!


  1. The ones at the beginning made me smile. Wouldn't some of them be delicious in silk?

  2. Silk would be beautiful. I shop cottons because of my lifestyle and locale, but I certainly agree!

  3. these are soooooo cute - really pretty fabrics - do you like birds by any chance?

  4. Such beautiful fun fabrics! If only we all could have a length of each to play with...J

  5. I like the block print and the feather prints.

  6. These fabrics are so pretty and interesting :)


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