Sunday, June 10, 2012

McCalls 6291 Cargo Pants

Blouse, Simplicity 1806, Future blog
Belt, Coldwater Creek
Sandals, Easy Spirit

These pants from McCalls made their first appearance on the blog when I wrote about the Wiksten tank top. I felt very daring when I wore them for that picture...never thought I would wear pants with harem ankles. I actually sewed the pants and wore them several times with a plain hem. And I was bored, disappointed, frustrated! The model on the envelope cover looks so good. hmmm. So I decided to give it a try and inserted the ankle elastic - and fell in love with the pants.

My fabric is weavers cloth from JoAnns and is 55% polyester/45% cotton. It looks like a cotton/linen blend, is very soft, and doesn't wrinkle. Caution though - I also bought weavers cloth in khaki, and it is not nearly this soft (you can see the difference in this skirt).

Lots of pockets! Eight on the pants alone - so I decided to pick and choose. I sewed the front slash pockets, love them, and only one cargo pocket on the lower left leg. My intention in choosing both the pattern and fabric was to have a trouser-like garment that I could style up or down a bit. Not too casual.

However - all those pockets would make a great utility pant, lots of fun in a drill, denim, ripstop, or twill fabric! And the shorts and capris are so cute, this is really a nice set of patterns.

I sewed a Medium, and I think the size is correct for me. Although the pants are full, a Small would probably pull at the pockets. Looking at the back view, I have nice smooth seams and planes at the sides, crotch, and across the fanny.  The back waist area would have been better if I had a belt loop and had not just hitched up my britches!

Belt, J Jill

My next pair will have a center back belt loop to match the front loops. :-)

Sweater, Garnet Hill

While it has a lot of personality, the pattern is not difficult to sew. The instructions are clear, and pattern pieces fit together well. My fabric ravelled very easily, I staystitched the belt loop pieces as soon as I cut them - they have 3/8" seams! And I patted my serger a lot while finishing seams and pockets edges.

These pics were taken using my new 60" camera tripod. Such a difference in how light is distributed in a picture. And the fence is standing up straight! I had been using my little 7" flexible tripod on a table - all my  pics were looking up because I could not get my camera high enough. OK, it only took me 3 months to do this. What really sold me was the black canvas bag with carrying strap...

Now that I've worn these several times, I keep reaching for them. A kick to wear! Coco


  1. Thank you, Valerie! I felt very courageous in making these but really like them!

  2. I love that you made these and then dolled them up- thats good sewing for me- when you make something you couldn't buy and make it so you!

    1. Thank you! These are the pants I mentioned to you on one of your posts...maybe you'll make them too?!

  3. I'm writing that pattern number down!

  4. These are great looking pants. I am very petite, and love this style, but must wear heels with the harem pants--->otherwise the ratio of vertical to horizontal is totally skewed.

    Thank you for the wonderful and thoughtful comment on my blog. I'm delighted to find your blog!

  5. These cargo pants are looking very nice on you, i am sure you will be very comfortable and at ease while wearing them, the fabric also looks great.

    1. Thanks, Caprice! They really are comfy and fun to wear, a bit different!

  6. the cargo pants are looking so very nice.cargo pant


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