Monday, June 18, 2012

Cheery ironing board cover

Fabric, Le Petit Poulet by Sandy Klop for Moda Fabrics

A nice quiet Sunday afternoon spent taking care of something that has been bugging me for some time - my ironing board cover! This cheery red cover is the result of my efforts, and I have to admit I'm glad I finally got to this!

I will share a peek of what I've been tolerating rather than fixing. This looks really awful but it is a blown-up pic - my cover was not that bad!

It's not that I routinely soil the board cover - who does? and I try so hard not to hit that steam button before the iron heats up (the cause of most of these spots). I have a really good iron, it doesn't drizzle, and the self-cleaning feature is the best I've ever had. Blame the water authority! They've put something in my water and look at the mess they made. :-)

My ironing board is a much-loved Polder hanging board. It is wonderful to have an ironing nook in my sewing room that takes no floor space - it is really out of my way but right at hand as well. I am one of those sewers who presses constantly while sewing, a true believer. I can recommend this board - it is wide, large, and sturdy, has no legs to get in the way of my feet! and collapses against the door if I want to put it up. 

The pad is foam - yea! I don't care for cotton batting pads. They capture water stains and give them back so easily under steam.

I used the old cover to trace a pattern that I can reuse. And thrifted the bias tape for use on the new cover. I thought I had every size bias tape there is. Nooo. I have everything but single fold bias tape! Probably because I make my own out of self-fabric. Fortunately the stitching was very large and easy to pick on the old cover. I was also able to reuse the twine that runs through the tape to tighten the cover to the board.

My quality assurance team gave the new cover a thumbs up. 

A nice, fresh ironing board cover. This one will go in the laundry because I know it won't shrink - I made it!  Coco

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