Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pull-on pants

What's not to love about pull-on pants! Comfort. Convenience. Oh…comfort.
Pull-on does not mean without style - check out any fashion catalog, there they are. Seems like just a few basic styles: drawstring and/or elastic waist, various pocket treatments (I like the cargo pockets), and lots of ways to gather the pants hem. hmmm. Not sure about that one...

I live in Florida, so I've had lots and lots of pull-on pants. That comfort thing. In the end, my low-bar requirements are:
. The gathers at the waist do not cause clown-like volume in the pants legs.
The crotch is not mid-way to my knee.
. If I wear a mid-hip length top, I have a smooth line across the front and rear view.
. No indentation at that dreadful hip/upper thigh place!
And I do have fabric preferences, again mine are based on where I live. I like pull-on pants in linen/rayon blend. If I want jeans, I buy jeans - my sewing skills are just not going there! My approach to linen blends: wash at least 2 times in warm water, and machine dry, before cutting a pattern. Then enjoy the easy life of machine wash and dry. I've found some terrific blends at both JoAnn’s and Fashion Fabrics Club.

Back to the pull-on pants plan. What style? For sure pants in full-length. Nothing is more elegant than a long wide-leg linen pant. Take me anywhere, long tank, caftan, tunic, jacket, long cabled sweater, scarf, knit cap. So that is one. What else? Cropped. Only a few inches above the ankle, I think cropped pants are so Mediterranean. And so flattering while being a bit cooler than long pants. Visualize cropped pants with espadrilles, wide brim hats, flowing lawn tunics…snap, wake up, Coco.
What I do not sew: Capri’s and shorts, because they do not suit me!
In my closet, for tops, I have wonderful knit pieces, tunics and long sweaters and wraps. But not one blouse. So on my Inspiration Board I have a bunch of blouses and tops that are chosen with pull-on pants in mind.
My pull-on pant plan includes both long and cropped pants in basic colors (and I need all of these): Natural, brown, black, and white. And I admit to falling for a dusty pink linen as well.
I’m sewing and think I have just the right pattern after a couple muslins…back with more later!

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