Monday, March 26, 2012

Light please!

I need light where I am sewing, right there on the pressure foot! I remember when sewing machines had incandescent light bulbs that really lit this area. No more! Now we have these little LED bulbs that save soooo much energy but cause all of us beautiful sewists to have wrinkles between our brows and put our faces right up there against the machine. The LED light is weak, wimpy, just not enough. And no matter what I do, special daylight lamp, bendable desk lamp, so on and so on, I cannot see my sewing area without some awful shadow from the arch of my machine itself!

Solution found, and it was so much fun. I was in IKEA, danger zone, with my daughter. The lighting department. And found this so very clever light from Jansjo. I got the one with a base, it also comes with a clip-on option. Either way. Notice that I have it wrapping the front of my machine (I purposely turned off other lights to take these pics so you can see what the lamp does). No shadow on my pressure foot area, and it is not in my way at all.  I just do not notice it when I am sewing. It works with my serger just as well. I am ecstatic and highly recommend this snakey little light to my sewist friends! And scrapbookers and crafters... I got the the black but it comes in colors too, of course, this is IKEA -  Here!

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