Saturday, March 17, 2012

McCalls 6488 Sundress

Just take me and put in front of a poster of the Cote d'Azur...I love this dress! When McCall came out with #6488 this spring, I was so going for it.

I've tried other u-necks that left me very strangled and/or hung up under my arms. hmmmm. That angled line from under the arm to somewhere on the chest is not easily corrected if it does not work just right with the neck and back.

So far I've made this pattern in a muted lime green and in a dusty rose, both medium weight rayon/linen blends. The drape is really key, so I wanted to stay away from anything stiff. Not for knits unless you plan to use a camisole or strapless bra.

I sewed this in size small, no adjustments at all. The pattern allowed 4" of hem allowance, which for me was great. I like my dresses to the floor. The fabric allowance directions were correct. This is a really easy sew and a dream to wear.


  1. You're on a lovely roll with this, so sleek and tropical!

  2. Just saw this on pattern review and I love it! Very tropical and you wear it well.

  3. Wow, what an amazing dress pattern !! Thanks so much
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I love it that you came by...and thank you for your comments! Coco