Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Serendipity 117 Kimono dress

This pattern No. 117 from Kay Whitt at Serendipity Studio is one of my favorite dresses! It gives me so many ways to mix the colorful cotton prints that I keep adding to my stash. So far I've sewn 3 dresses in this pattern. Love them all. I wear them around the house and out and about, feel pretty and very very comfortable.

The dress is pullover with kimono sleeves and a waist casing. The pattern includes a flat or full skirt option. My skirts are full, and you can see that this is really just a hint of fullness if the waist is not cinched (why would I do that!).

If my dress looks long, it is! I love maxi dresses, and all 3 of mine are to the floor. My notes below include the length and band adjustments I made.

Fabric: Alexander Henry Africa Masai Swirl

Fabric: Keepsake Calico Lady Yang

Fabric: Art Gallery Asian Market White Brown Blossoms

Sewn: Ankle length, full skirt, size small

Adjustments I made:
  • The pattern size small indicated 36-28-40 measurements. However, my muslin sewed up with the bodice length and bust width both skimpy, not much ease. The waist was fine. I added 1/4" to shoulders, bodice sides, and bodice bottom edge, carrying the changes through to the waist casing and bodice facing. Perfect.
  • Ankle length on the pattern was barely mid-calf on 5'7" me! I added 5" to the skirt pattern length to achieve something near an ankle length. Then I added an additional 4 3/4" band (cut size before sewing) to achieve a maxi length. The fabric used in the band is the same as the waist casing and provides nice balance for the long skirt. I felt like something was still needed to bring the pieces together, so I finished the hem with a 1" band of the same fabric as the sleeve trim and drawstring. To my eye, this works really well.
  • I added pockets to the skirt, placing the top of the opening 6 1/2" below the top raw edge of the side seam. I am a pocket person and add them whenever I can!


  1. I really like this pattern too! I'm working on the tunic version right now and surfing for inspiring ideas. Yours are lovely! I like the extra hem band idea and the pockets.


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