Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grainline Studios (FREE) Hemlock Tee

Gosh, I think I downloaded the Hemlock Tee pattern just after Jen Beeman posted just over a year ago. And I finally cut it out and put it together - it really was fun. And so successful. Thanks, Jen!


This is a plain and simple project. The pattern is one-size, and instructions are in Jen's blog post. She also has a tutorial for sewing the pattern with tissue knits. I read it, because I've always been curious about tissue knits. Scary stuff that requires really pretty lingerie... 

I used a cotton jersey knit from Holly Lobby

Finished garment measurements are bust, 44.5″ and hip, 46.5″. At 5'7", with a 37" bust and 42" hip, my only change was to add 2" to the length of the shirt. I'm going to add one more inch to the length so I can take a deeper hem (this one is a scant 1/2").

The shirt doesn't have set- in sleeves or curved sleeve caps! The sleeves are simply sewn onto the body in a straight seam, which forms to dropped shoulder. Really easy. The pattern includes 3/8" seam allowances so it can be sewn on a serger, which is what I did. Super fast to sew.

True Bias Hudson Pants
I really like this tee shirt! After all the futzing around I do with this and that designer pattern, I like the timeless design of this one. It's not baggy, it fits well, and it feels like me.

From the garden...I ventured out between storms yesterday to get these pics.  When the coconut palm was shorter, the nuts disappeared before they fell, but they are out of reach now :-)

This palm is about 10' taller than the roof of my 2-story house!
Ciao! Coco


  1. Love those pants. Love that top. They suit you very well and look fabulous together. Brava.

  2. I love the Hemlock Tee! I used the back pattern for the front AND the back and made it a boatneck. (Saw that tip on some cool sewing blog, but don't remember where.) It's fits great and never have to worry about putting it on backwards. If you spill anything on the front at lunchtime, you can just swap it around - LOL!

  3. What a wonderful top! I download this months ago and haven't even printed it out. I really must!

  4. I like it, looks like a shirt I'd enjoy wearing.

  5. I had downloaded it too and haven't made it yet, but yours looks so nice on I'm inspired!

  6. Looks great! the hemlock tee is on my list for fall.

  7. I haven't seen this one yet, but it looks great - especially with those awesome pants:)

  8. This whole outfit is so you! I love it.


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