Wednesday, September 17, 2014

True Bias Hudson Pants...

My first fall pants...I came close to some of the Pantone Fall 2014 palette!

I never thought I would sew a chevron print - chevrons just haven't appealed to me. And I made it through a full year of chevron-mania without buying any. But this ITY knit from is so outrageous, I fell for it. Drippy chevrons on a reptile print background.

These are the Hudson Pants from Kelli at True Bias Patterns - her first pattern. And it's wonderful! I've seen the pants described as track pants and as workout pants. They look kind of like sweatpants. Hanes, Champion, Nike, Land's End...

Source: BTW...aren't the buttons on the faux fly and cuffs of these a cute idea?

But I like to think of them as glam sweatpants :-)

Back to the pattern: Slash pockets, a drawstring waist with elastic, and cuffed legs. However, the legs on the Hudson pants are a bit different - full in the abdomen and hip, and then fitted through the leg.

I really like the fit on these pants - I cannot believe I'm wearing knit pants without a tunic top. Thank you, Kelli!

A few sewing notes:
  • I made the size 16, because my hip is exactly the width of the size 14, and I wanted a little ease.
  • The fitted leg is a bit scary to me. I've spent most of my life trying to camouflage the fact that my love handles are at the top of my thighs - so I'm not likely to sew something that highlights the fact! My fix was to redraft the inside seams. I marked a point 1" out from the bottom edge and cured down from the top edge. This added the softness you can see in my pants legs. 
  • I also narrowed the cuff and lengthened it a bit to accommodate the additional width at the bottom of the leg.
  • Being practical, I knew I wouldn't use a drawstring (they bump out in shirts and drive me nuts), so I ditched it, narrowed the waistband by half, and used 1" elastic in the casing. The resulting back rise fit me perfectly, and I only needed to add 1/2" to the front rise.
I think a 4-way stretch like this ITY is perfect for these pants! no baggy anything. The ITY feels heavenly. 

A couple more pics with McCalls 6928 tunic top...

A definite win. I happen to have some more outrageous ITY knits in my stash, so now I have a pattern to go with :-)

Ciao! Coco


  1. Fabulous pants! I LOVE the way you've styled them with both tops too.

  2. Wow, these look wonderful-and the chevrons add to the allure. I see you are wearing "our" McCalls top.

    1. LOL...we need to market ourselves to McCalls! I can see you in these pants, BTW...perfect for Tucson.

  3. You look great in those pants. Of all the versions of this pattern I've seen made up, I like these best!

  4. Beautiful! I love your less literal version of this pattern. They have a really nice drape in this fabric. Very chic!

  5. OMG...those pants are the cutest ever! I've avoided chevron prints also, but this chevron is totally different and I love both the design and the colors...looks great on you!!!

  6. Those pants are just brilliant! They are soooo you indeed ... J

  7. Wow! These fit perfectly and look wonderful with the adjustments you made. The chevron look is awesome here and I am also not a chevron lover. great work!

  8. You know, I wasn't going to go for this until I read this post. I love the idea of ITY for these and also your pattern modifications make me think I might try this.

  9. Cute, cute, cute! And that print puts a smile on my face. I bet in your closet it says "Pick ME" every time.

  10. Really fab! Some how you've managed to be sporty, stylish and smart all at the same time.

  11. I like both of these looks a lot. Another enviable fabric choice!

  12. Love them!! I agree with the drawstrings - ditch them!!!

  13. I would never have thought to use an ITY for pants. Fantastic idea! I'm off now to ferret through my stash cupboard(s) to see what I can find for some new pants!

  14. Wow! Those pants are awesome ! Thanks for sharing!


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