Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jammies for spring...


All that cleaning and organization in the loft last week really got me thinking about my wardrobe for spring and summer. I have lots of pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, and tops. Of course, since I sew them constantly, selfish me. Plenty of nightgowns, robes, and underthings. And socks. I have so many socks. I am crazy for knee socks and white low-cut socks instead of slippers.

But there are these two dresser drawers that kind of stopped me. They have my go-to pajamas.  The ones only seen by very close family and every living thing in my garden. My assessment - I think I've been wearing the same PJ bottoms and tee's (my favorite outfit) for over 2 years. Washed a million times and downright tired.

Time for some new pajamas. 

I like wide-leg elastic-waist pants and a thin, smooth tee. Made by moi so there are no peas  nylon stay tape and/or nylon thread to irritate my skin!

So - first set!

The pants are from McCalls 5989, a cute robe and PJ pattern that I sewed a couple years ago for the Pyjama Party Sew Along. They have wide, slightly flared legs and are so comfy. I've also sewn the shorts, they make a great summer PJ bottom.

I've sewn these pants enough that my tissue is marked and amended to fit me well. I use a size M, but raised the back rise by almost 1" and lowered the front rise by 1/2". The latter is a pretty standard adjustment for me on pants, and is not peculiar to this pattern. I also added 3" to the hemline.

The fit-for-purpose test..I sit with one or both of my legs under me all the time. These really work well, no pulling :-)

My fabric is a dress-weight cotton poplin from Fabric Mart. I originally purchased it for Vogue 8876 by Marcy Tilton. The fabric was a good choice, as it has the right amount of body, but the dress pattern did not suit me at all and never made it past a muslin. Makes great PJ's!

The top is a new pattern for me, Butterick 6837. It's a uni-sex PJ group that caught my eye because it has 'classic' bottom and top patterns. Woven fabric is recommended, but I sewed this in a size M in Cielo poly/rayon/spandex knit from


I finished the neckline with an applied neckband and put bias binding on the armholes, both from self-fabric. Because these are for sleeping, I didn't use any stay tape in the shoulders or steam-a-seam in the hemline, keeping everything as soft as possible. The seams are simply serged. This fabric was very nice to handle and sew, and top-stitched like a dream with a straight stitch.

One is never enough - second set!

Same pants pattern, but a shorter length, an inch or so below my knee, as I used a remnant. I adore this print, Pink Scroll calico from Holly Lobby (usually in stock). Both pants have clean serged seam allowances and a 1 1/8" hem, which I think looks nice on a casual cotton.

The second top is a pattern that is quickly becoming one of my favorite's - the Deer and Doe Plantain T-shirt.

I used the short-sleeve option (it also has 3/4 and long sleeves marked on the pattern). The other Plantain I've worn on the blog is my Dennis the Menace shirtwhich I love to wear.

This is sewn in rayon/spandex knit from JoAnns. As with the one above, I used an applied neckband, simple hems, and serged seams. The slightly - very slightly - heavier weight of this blend can be seen in the pic below. It's still very light and comfortable, just more spongy. I'm curious to see which fabric I like the best for a sleep tee.

A note on the neckline finish, since I don't have a coverstitch machine. The band is sewn on the right side, the seam is turned to the inside, and the raw seam edges are cut/serged together. Top stitching on the outside, 1/4" from the seam, keeps everything tidy.

Marking the front...very important if you get impatient (as I do) with checking the crotch seam to get it right!

So now I have two complete sets of pajamas ready to go in the drawer. Another set is cut out. But - DD's birthday is coming up in a week. I have a lot to do for her gifties as well.

Ciao! Coco


  1. These are so cute and look so comfy. I need to make some jammies I could be seen in- I look pretty homeless in my old t shirts!!

    1. Thanks, Anne. OMG, I tossed soooo many old T shirts. Some were from the 80's. How does this happen?!

  2. Adorable jammies. I am so glad to know I am not the only one who is sensitive to anything less than soft and pliable for sleepwear. I'll have to look up that McCalls pattern. Sweet dreams!

    1. Theresa, thank you! Soft is how so many of us end up in old tshirts in bed, and not just the gals. Men had it going on long before us, their sleeveless tee's are great (there's a funky name for them, can't remember). The McCalls pattern is fun, nice cut on the pants and shorts (which I cut a little longer since I'm kind of tall and, OK, older). I use the shorts version for real shorts, I have 3 in ponte dblknit, really comfy.

  3. Makes me want to run upstairs and make some pj's as I sit here in an unmatched oversized purchased T and 5 year old pair of pj capri length pant.

    1. Ah...I knew I had lots of good company!

  4. Just perfect! Love the colours and the comfort level ... J

  5. Thanks, Valerie. Good thing...never know when I'll go to the store and forget to change! And it's true I tend to wander around the front garden in my pj's when I go for the mail.


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