Sunday, May 25, 2014

Practicing self-restraint on a sales weekend...

A sales weekend - Memorial Day. I absolutely promised myself I would not go overboard on fabric.

I'm limiting myself to patterns :-)

Casual Elegance (Loes Hinse Studio, love her designs - classic, elegant, chic) has patterns at 50% off! Had to get this sweater coat pattern that I've wanted for so long.

Dixie DIY - I blame thank Faye at Faye's Sewing Adventure for this! She has a post on Indie patterns - the annual Indie Pattern Month Challenge, sponsored by Monthly Stitch, is in June. Dixie's Ballet Dress got me. For knits, what a nice relaxed design! Perfect for a cotton blend jersey. Or as shown, a sweater knit top and solid knit bottom. Take off the sleeves, make them elbow length, add a wide belt. Fun!

Nikki at Fancy That posted an adorable version of New Look 6210 Knit Dress (short and maxi versions and a choice of slim or relaxed skirt and two necklines). I'm going for the relaxed skirt looks...great for summer.

And thinking of View D in red, inspired by the Sundance Cafe Rouge Dress!

Take me back to the 80's...remember the boyfriend coat? OK, if you're laughing due to how looong ago that was, I forgive you. Ashley and I both want the Republique du Chiffon Gerard Coat this fall. I got the pattern now, don't want to forget where I found it!

It's only Sunday. Not even noon. Self-restraint is probably a virtue...but total withdrawal just can't be good.

Ciao! Coco


  1. Lovely patterns - I find them irresistible (I have close to 600 in my collection!). To me they contain the promise of hours of planning, happy sewing and wearing. The potential is exciting!!

  2. Cool. First time I am coming across someone who sews and was able to not buy fabric during sale;) Casual elegance are pdf ?

    1. Tissue! This one is $8 at 50% off, a wonderful buy!

  3. I picked up some patterns at Casual Elegance too. And a yard of that multi colored animal print too!

  4. Nice selection! I see some good sewing going on in the loft this summer. I'm looking at some Hot Patterns for a try out.

  5. I stayed home and behaved myself- it hurt, so much!!!

  6. oh, these are such good picks! I am limiting my purchases to notions and the occasional pattern. After seeing these, I may need more than the occasional pattern. Happy sewing Coco


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