Friday, January 31, 2014

Little cheetah PJ's...Jungle January!

Quick, Coco! You'd think I'd been off on safari, I'm so late getting into Jungle January!

Actually, there is a cute story behind these little PJ bottoms. My grand nephew has apparently been asking for cheetah PJs for ages, a message passed on to me by both his mom and my sister. With his birthday and my grandson's coming in March, 2 days apart, I started looking for fabric early in January. Wow - there must be 10 variations on cheetah prints. What to do? I sent choices 4 to the jury...


I thought #1 would be the winner - wrong! Good thing I asked, #3 won!

I used Butterick 4635, a wonderful children's pattern with robe and PJs in sizes 3-4 and 5-6 (I made my grandson a flannel robe two years ago, he was only 2). 

And the multi-sizing works well for multi-kids! There is no such thing as making only one member of a family a pair of PJs :-) Notice there are three pairs, three sizes, in my pic. Nephew, niece, and grandson - I cannot wait to see all three in their jammies!! 

The boys have working flys, and the little lady, of course, does not. The waists have sewn in elastic and a drawstring (I used wide 45" shoelaces, perfect). And a 1.5" hem so that they can keep growing - and these would be cute as short PJs as well.

Edited a couple hours later....

I ran down to AC Moore this morning to buy black and red yarn for a neck scarf for my nephew (a personalized request from him this past weekend. How could an aunt resist!) I already have pink and purple for his sister... Anyway, look what I found! Headband toggles, perfect for the drawstrings on the PJs because they have two holes! Moms won't have to worry about the consequences of ties coming undone. Ooo ahh.


Ciao! Coco

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  1. What a good aunt you are! They are going to love sleeping in those pajamas.


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