Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thinking about my February garment of the month...

Vogue 8819

I've been fascinated by this cardigan pattern ever since it came out last year. The lines are so sleek and elegant.  Love the raised waist in the front and the even higher waist in the back. And the line from bodice to hem is so pretty and flattering.

I made a muslin in November in a size Medium - and I'm glad I did! It was pretty skimpy. Tight in the arms and quite a bit shy of meeting across the bust.

Interesting! I should have caught the problem with the sleeve, I usually measure the pattern. My fault. The bodice surprised me. Perhaps the bias cut of the pieces (all of them!) impacts the fit just enough to make a difference.

So I waited for Vogue patterns to go on sale, put pennies in the jar, and now I'm ready with a size Large pattern and some pretty fabric for my February garment.

Inspiration - lots of it! February is my birthday month, amethyst is the birthstone, and I love purple :-) And, cross my heart, I went out to put fresh water in the bird bath this morning, and look what's blooming...

Amethyst polyester matte jersey

I've had painters all over the house and in the yard for a week and a half. I can hardly believe anything would put out a bloom in all this noise and activity. wow. I am so grateful. 

Bye for now! Coco


  1. Love that pattern, now it's on my list. Thanks for the notes about the fit. And Happy birthday!

  2. Love your pattern, and that fabric is gorgeous.. Lovely flower too.

  3. Happy Birthday, Coco! I am a Feb baby also, and love purple. ;) I do like that pattern, it will be pretty on you in purple.

  4. You always pick patterns I like and that one is no exception! Happy Birthday this month!!! I'm also a Feb baby...the 16th. :)

  5. What a surprise finding the pattern so small - I have found recently that a lot of Vogue Patterns have run large. I'm a great believer in muslins to check style and fit. Your are right, it is a simple and elegant jacket.

    I love your garden Coco - it looks really pretty.


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