Saturday, January 4, 2014

My January Garment plans - a fleece coat!

I'm definitely having some fun with the Late Lunch Tunic pattern (blogged here and here). The lines of the bodice are so classic, and I'm in love with the soft gathers in the skirt. So I've decided to draft a long coat using the LL Tunic as my base!

Here's a look at the lines of the tunic - I'm really not making a lot of changes. Dropping the collar leaves a perfect round neck, and it's easy to open the front of the skirt and extend the sleeves.

Inspiration? I fell in love with this Burda Style coat when it first appeared last year - charming! And the fabric is beautiful. I dream of doing a coat in a similar fabric...

BS 10/2013 #130 Maxi Coat
Here's another gorgeous coat I found, again a beautiful fabric.

Sundance Oasis Jacket

But such pretty fabric is dear, so I'm doing my first version in a nice heather grey polyester fleece from JoAnns (recently on sale for only $2.99/yd). And I'm drafting a lining as well, in black poly/cotton broadcloth. I think - hope - the broadcloth lining will help 'hold' the structure of  the fleece.

My fabric is already cut out, I'm itching to get sewing today! Fleece is perfect for the Florida winter chill. And I'll be in North Carolina at the end of the month to visit family. Not outside, but in and out of the car. This will be a nice alternative to a heavy coat.

The Make a Garment a Month challenge is such fun. And it's on its own blog now - check it out, great garments being sewn, lots of familiar bloggers - and you can join in at any time. It's low-key and really inspiring -  my kind of challenge :-)

Bye for now - Coco


  1. Oh, I love it when a pattern does double and triple duty with some reworking. More and more I am going to my TNT patterns and changing them up. This moth quick quick I will use the Scout tee pattern to make a tunic in black, bright gold and white, Boston Bruin colors since on my trip back to MA I'm being treated to a Bruins hockey game. Woohoo.
    Thank you for the linky. It sounds like a fun group. I'll have to check it all out when I get back in Feb!

    1. Good morning, early bird friend! I am up early as well, love the early hours. Am jealous you get to go to an ice hockey game, so much fun, better than on TV.

      Am with you on the Scout tee. It and the tiny pocket tee just work.

      Hope you have a great trip, know you will be misssed back on the farm - and here in blogland! But I want to see that gaudt Bruins tunic,

  2. Coco, what a great idea! Can't wait to see your coat.... Wondering how far you got on it today?!

  3. I'm with Andria...can't wait to see your coat!!! I'm cutting out the pattern for the full length cape that Margy made for her daughter. I've wanted one ever since. BUT late last night I saw her post on Pattern Review for the 1st time...she said she would never make another one. I understand why now...the pattern is huge. I have the fabric...5 1/2 yds, so I'm not going to stop. It might be too heavy to wear. LOL!!!


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