Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vogue 1306 - My COMPLETED November garment!

High five! Well, low five - I finished something :-) And this is cute. I agree, my version doesn't look much like the Vogue picture at right, but gosh. That's the fun part.

This pattern has three really different views - a tee shirt, a twisted tank, and a fluttery top. It's really easy to overlook the tee shirt in this mix. The gathers in the skirt of the tee shirt are what caught my eye - love that look.

Notes on my changes:

Length - Added 3" to the bottom of the skirt. I think I'm on a tunic quest this fall. I'm really into Virginia leggings and Marcy Tilton's skinny pants. And I love a tunic over jeans. So I decided to give this pattern a try as a tunic.

Left out the slit front placket. I mistrust little open plackets on tee shirts - they always flop open. I'm much too picky to go for it. And instead of attaching a neckline band, I applied a bias binding.

Drafted a long sleeve. Since we are into fall and will be having lovely cool winter weather, I went for longer sleeves on my tunic. I kept the fit of the top of the sleeve from this pattern, and the shape of the long sleeve from Vogue 1315, a knit dress.

The top with long sleeves...Ok, but not the best. Kind of look like PJ's. I shortened them to 3/4 length!

Much better!

Whew. That was quite a lot, actually. But one more thing...I sewed a Medium. And the shoulders were way down my arm. After I attached the sleeves, I went back and raised the sleeve and shoulder by 3/4". In the pic above, you can see that the shoulders are still 'dropped', as in the pattern design - just not halfway to the elbow!

Some of the nice details of the pattern (the sleeves are still long in these)...

The skirt gathers, wrong side view.

And right side view.

Side view, showing the hi-lo hemline.


Neckline bias binding.

Such pretty fabric. It's a heathered interlock knit from JoAnn's, the inside is mini-stripes. Perfect for a pattern that shows the inside, like a waterfall cardi. It comes in a heathered orange and in grey - I think the orange is calling my name.

I like how this turned out. Wouldn't it make a pretty cardigan, just slit it all the way down the front... 

Ciao! Coco


  1. I like your version. I made the same top pattern and had not thought about lengthening the sleeves. Great idea and one I may copy. Good job!

  2. Cute, cute and I LOVE the color!

  3. Love it, and you know what, I might have to give that pattern a second look, the pleats are actually fun and flattering in a tunic length. Great take on this pattern and you look just wonderful in it!

  4. I love that you made it tunic length, what a wonderful idea! The color is marvelous on you. It would also be a great cardigan.

  5. it looks lovely, and as you say nothing like the picture on the pattern

  6. Very cute! Much better with the shorter sleeves, too:)

  7. Love the tunic length and the 3/4 sleeves. This is a beautiful fabric and the colour is great on you.
    After seeing your post, I ordered this pattern, just have to pick out the fabric...

  8. The 3/4 sleeve-chop was a great idea ~ much more flattering! Love the colour ... J

  9. I love it that you use the pattern as a starting point and adapt and change as you want. Perfection on the neckline BTW.

  10. What a cute top - the sleeve length is perfect! Could you share how you finished the neckline? It sits so well! Did you cut a bias strip the same length as the neckline and serge it? Thank-you!

  11. Coco, I love your version of this top - the original pattern sleeves were a bit twee - and the long ones, yes, they are better just below your elbow - you have created a very flattering little top. Congrats on achieving this after your mishap a couple of weeks ago.

  12. Cute top... I think I like the long sleeves best. Maybe because its getting or has gotten cold outside..

    I knew that fabric looked familiar!! I love love love that fabric. I just made a cardi out of the same purple color.. And, yes the orange is also calling my name. It's actually on sale at Joann for 50% off!! I also made a pair of leggings out of the grey fabric.

  13. This is very pretty with a nice shape. I like it in the tunic length.


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