Thursday, November 7, 2013

Faux fur faux pas...

Aaacck! All this mess is from cutting one small pattern piece from my faux fur! 

Someone out there must have been laughing when I wrote about my plans to sew it - someone who has had this experience!

I could not get the pattern off the fur and the fur in a bag fast enough! My skin was crawling and itchy, and I'm still sneezing. Guess this was not a good project for me :-)

Left the vacuum with Emile (who is modelling a knit cardigan that is almost finished...) and ran for a cup of coffee!

Back soon with a new November project for 'Make a Garment a Month' - Bye for now! Coco


  1. The only way to sew fur is with a big glass of Chardonnay close by!

  2. When I cut faux fur I do it outdoors!!

  3. I just cancelled the nice thought of making one!!!

  4. I don't think there is a right or wrong way - just cut it all out at once, make a huge mess but then you've only one mess to clean up! Just keep thinking of the finished coat - it will be fab!

  5. I have no idea why they call it fun fur- I have yet to have any fun....


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