Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A garment a month - November plans!

Going boho in November! I'm loving the look of this long, unbuttoned faux fur coat from Burda (10/2011 #131 Long Hippie Coat). 

I started thinking about a faux fur jacket way back in June. I have an ivory Mongolian fur jacket that I bought in 1979, and still love to wear. And decided a deep brown faux fur would be fun with jeans and skirts. 

I had no idea how varied faux furs can be! Looked online in lots of fabric shops - wow, expensive and no clue how they really look or feel. So I went over to JoAnns, which usually has lots of fleece and fur, 40% off coupon in hand. 

Lucky me...I found a light weight, deep chocolate, short-piled fur that's just what I had in mind. The fur is patterned in rosettes and is so soft, not at all stiff or sticky like some of the furs on the shelf.

The Burda pattern calls for a light jersey lining - if I decide to line the coat, I have some Ariel rayon jersey that will be perfect. 

Even luckier...I already have a great pattern that looks just like the Burda. This is the Loes Hinse classic coat that I made in Alova faux suede back in 2012. Alova is also a knit and feels a lot like my fur - should work really well. 

My other plan for November is to finish this project before the end of the month!

Bye for now...Coco


  1. Love this idea! that long coat looks fantastic on you...
    not too warm for your climate?

    I'm in the garment a month challenge, too - and have been a little scared of the pattern I chose (Teagarden T.) But I will tackle getting started on it this weekend.

    1. Thanks, Chris! We get cool enough around Jan-Mar to wear sweaters and jackets, and I have family further north. The faux fur I have is very much like a sweater knit, very light and drapey. Have fun with the Teagarden Tee - a puzzle! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Coco, that is lovely fur - it looks so soft. Some of them are quite hard and cheap looking, but this is a lovely one. The coat is stunning - and what a good idea to make up something that you know already works. This is going to look beautiful - look forward to seeing it :)

  3. Perfect for that coat. Looks like chinchilla and not a one was sacrificed! :) Can't wait to see you wearing that by the end of the month. You'll do it I am sure!

  4. We had several inches of snow yesterday...the trees are covered...it's beautiful. Seems like I should go to JoAnn's with my coupon...they do have pretty fur...and make a soft cuddly coat like yours. :) Mine would have to be lined with thinsulate...I have that. :)

  5. This is a great plan for you! It will look amazing on your svelte figure and you are sure to use it when traveling north.

  6. Omg how funny I love the fact that you have been using the patterns by Loes Hinse it shows how much she has influenced the Fashion World


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