Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sewing a garment a month...my kind of challenge!

Just the idea of this sewing challenge makes me relax...a garment a month, just for me - well, OK, I mostly sew for myself anyway. But there's something so inviting about making it official and special.

Sarah Liz (SarahLizSewStyle) is hosting this year-long challenge, starting this month. Only a few simple guidelines (here's a link to the 'rules' page):

- The garment has to be for you and not for someone else...
- Choose a pattern at the beginning of the month and post about it with background on
  how/why you choose that pattern, fabric, etc.
- Blog about the finished garment with pics, etc.

And the button is on my sidebar, has a link to the challenge as well.

I've already chosen my pattern for October, it's something I need badly! A long knit robe. My white one is 5 years old and just worn out.

Burda Style 7297

I plan to make view C, and mine will be all the way to the floor and then some, as I'm using a cotton jersey that will shrink a bit over time. Love the back belt treatment, so forties!

Holly Lobby 100% cotton jersey knit

Lots of inspiration for this robe. I've always loved the iconic Calvin Klein wrap robe. 

But I have to admit that with all the work being done around the house - the roof, the slab leak, the mold remediation - my energy and resource reserves are really stretched. 

So I'm also inspired by other great wrap robes...

Ciao! Coco


  1. I need a robe also, and it is a sewing project that I never seem to get to. Have fun with it

  2. I need PJ's and a robe. One robe has the pockets in tatters, the PJ's are just downright embarrassing. Nuff said. This is a bad month though, parents are coming in for a visit and I have promised my Dad a wool frock coat. Good grief, he's already bought the western ruffled shirt. I don't sew for men, but I guess I'm going to learn..REAL FAST!

  3. This sounds like a manageable challenge I could do! I need a fab new Jedi robe, too....maybe I'll copy your first project but gaudily of course.


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