Monday, January 28, 2013

Pattern Madness - it's crazy out there!

Sooo many pattern sales and spring arrivals. Yes, they got me! Quick looks at new additions for my spring sewing...

Vogue 8869 Marci Tilton Skinny Pants

                         Butterick 5854 Easy Top

                               McCall 6694

                                     Vogue 8825

                    Vogue 8876 Marci Tilton

          Vogue 1297 Amazing Fit by Sandra Betzina

                         Vogue 1236

                                  Vogue 8688

                              Vogue 8847 

                               Vogue 8870


Where did I buy all these adds to my pattern stash? I buy online - rather than drive over 2 of Ft. Lauderdale's busiest roads to JoAnn's with the hope my pattern will in stock. My favorite sites for patterns: 

Club BMV -
Love this site - and for a small annual fee, I get 20% off just about everything! I have saved sooo much moola with my membership. They always have a pattern company on sale - with 20% on top, I really save with purchases from Club BMV...

Club BMV Membership

Club BMV also has a great store:

Shops at McCall

Sewing Patterns -
Great site. All the big 4, plus Neue Mode, Burda, Kwik Sew, New Look, and extensive Indie patterns! Almost never have an out-of-stock situation. And another plus - they have many many choices in download patterns ( for the I-can't-wait moment). And free patterns - I've gotten some nice ones, they change them out every couple months. I get patterns from Sewing Patterns very quickly. I've seen on PR that not everyone is happy with their delivery times, but I've had no issues.

All of the Vogue patterns in this blog came from Sewing Patterns - the $4.99 Vogue sale...

Ok, I am so spoiled - lots of new patterns on their way.  But I have an excuse - February is my birthday!

Ciao! Coco


  1. Oh, 8876 is sooo pretty. I've already ordered fabric for it! OK, fabric for 10 patterns. Well, I need to go into my birthday month with all the support I can get!! LOL

  2. P.s. I'm going to drop the bodice on 8825 to my waistline, so the tie or belt is not a fuss to cover the seam line...

  3. How pretty would 8876 be as a coat with 3/4 or long sleeves, maybe a belt as Michelle did her inauguration coat!

  4. I guess we will have to wait and see what you do with these!

  5. Ok, I really need you to make 8876 and explain anything complicated for me! I love that one! Oh, who am I kidding? If you make it, I'd make it no matter which one you did!

  6. I agree with prttynpnk. I hope/wish you'd make 8876 first, but it's your birthday month and you can make whatever you want first. :) It's my birthday month too.

    1. Happy Birthday! My fabric for 8876 arrived yesterday. Oh boy!

  7. yes my vote is for 8876 too - looks lovely. From one January birthday girl to another - go for it.

  8. From a February birthday to another, I second the go for it!!!
    (I did, found your blog after I bought V7600 and some others...cos you really can never have enough patterns I guess - lol!)

    1. Happy Birthday! so glad you found me...and you're absolutely right, never too much!

  9. Nooo, 8870 is sew you! Make it. I'm slightly overwhelmed with your selections- I'm on a pattern diet. I still haven't made the ones I bought in the last sale.

    1. Yes! I love 8870 and have already gotten the fabric for it. Will be such fun to sew. Really different, will try to give it the Coco twist!


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