Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Button - Bloglovin'

Good morning! Just a quick note - I finally gave in to my curiosity about 'Bloglovin'. Oh, how really fun and easy to use! Have you tried it? It's a blog reading site!

   This is not a sponsored post  :-) 

I have a looong list of sites I read, and I love to sit and catchup with everyone. Usually I just click from my Coco's Loft blog list (or read on the Google Blogger Dashboard). 

Bloglovin' is the easiest of all - it's very fast to load, has uncluttered pages, no security issues, and it has a super search feature. You can search for blogs by category, blog name, keyword - it's like having an open library of blogs without the need to know the Dewey Decimal catalogue system! and you can build your own list of favorite blogs to read. Such leisure!

I added the Bloglovin' button to Coco's Loft - Liking this! Coco

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  1. Bloglovin' is THE best and easiest way to keep up with the ridiculous number of blogs I follow. Glad you are enjoying it too!


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