Monday, October 8, 2012

Sewing for the fun of it

My sewing has been so all over the place lately...cannot seem to settle down to something I simply want to do. I mentioned in a comment on friend's blog that I've decided that I was feeling the pressure of having SWAPs and a fall jacket storyboard! Ouch!! I sew for pleasure - what is this? pressure? Definitely time to regroup!

Course corrected. But I will share a some funny purchases I made in my 'plan' mode. I say funny for several reasons: I am retired from working, I seldom dress 'up' and when I do, I generally sew something just for the occasion. I live in a sub-tropical climate that seldom sees temperatures requiring more than a light jacket. I love loose, comfy clothing that is architectural and interesting but not industrial (no hardware!). And I adore opportunities to mix colors and large prints. So here are a few patterns that I recently acquired and really really like - but will likely remain uncut for a while, waiting for that special occasion...

McCalls Reversible Fleece Jacket 

 Vogue 1215 Chado Ralph Rucci Shirt and Pants

 Vogue 8837 Katherine Tilton Skirt

 Vogue 1268 Guy La Roche Dress

 Vogue 1179 Knit Cowl Neck Dress

 Vogue 1204 Issey Miyake Tunic and Jeans

 Butterick 5533 Long Jackets

I feel so much better! I'm spending the day cutting out garments to sew during my stay with my daughter's kitties for the balance of the week. Things I love.

On the flip side! Coco

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  1. Oh, Coco- I have som e of the same patterns and I wear scrubs to work- where am I thinking I'll go? I have to just stick to my sew for entertainment mode- the idea of making a perfect pencil skirt to coordinate with.....-just leaves me cold! I'm far too shallow to plan!


I love it that you came by...and thank you for your comments! Coco