Friday, May 4, 2012

Wiksten Tank Top

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This is my first  spring woven top fever result! And I love this tank top pattern by Wiksten. I sewed this in a super cute and fresh cotton print that is a 3 yd. Mini Bolt from ACMoore. I was so happy with how well it laundered, the finish is better than I expected (the bolt was shrink-wrapped, no touchy), and it handled very nicely.

The Wiksten pattern is downloadable, and it did not eat up my paper supply! To my surprise and delight, the pattern includes a longer version that would be a darling tunic top for leggings and jeans. Yes, I see it in my future :-)

There is so much to like about the pattern. First, it is clearly intended to be used by all level sewists. For instance, it has all french seams. Wiksten makes this so easy by marking the pattern for the 1//4" and 3"8" seams. For beginner sewists, what a wonderful way to become acquainted with french seams! Second, it does not have darts - but the fit in the bust is amazing. I drew my bustline apex marks on the pattern to verify ease and so on before I cut my fabric. After stitching, I am so pleased. Truth be told, I am not wearing an undergarment in these photos...and the fit is great.

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Just a couple comments on the pattern construction: I looked at a lot of renditions of this pattern online. I noticed that many gals had a very high armscye, a high neckline, and more than one complained of a gaping back neck on the garment. And I am pretty sure I know why. The pattern uses bias facing on the armholes and neckline. I think less-experienced sewists are applying the facing as a binding, not a facing. Simple mistake that makes a huge difference in fit and appearance of the garment. Wish I could reach out to them!

I decided to apply my facing so that it folded to the outside instead of to the inside. For a couple reasons. One, it puts the inevitable little stitching puckers from the topstitching where they cannot be seen. And two, the extra fold adds weight and effect to the tank top, which is otherwise a bit of a sea of fabric!

I like the result.

What a fun project and tank top. I am making more! Hasta luego! Coco

p.s. my camera is not taking good outdoors pics is a somewhat aged Elph! ah. I'll pat it.


  1. This is beautiful! I am one of those ladies who have that problem with facings! So I no longer use them I just serge, fold down & sew now. Looking at the way you did this, looks easy with grat results...I will try this. Thanks for the tip!

  2. What a pretty top! It looks great on you too. You found a fabric with a wonderful drape for this pattern.

  3. Oh my goodness! If I can reach across & kiss you right now I would. I ripped out the bias binding 3 times because it was just gaping so badly at the neckline and nearly threw away the entire top in frustration. Simply could not understand why everyone loved the pattern so much, until I found your comment that it's supposed to be a 'facing' and not a 'binding'!! Yes, that makes sense! Thank you thank you.

    1. You made my day and week! I am so glad you found my post and rescued your Wiksten! I have five or six, just love the pattern. Enjoy. And thank you for the kiss! Coco


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