Sunday, May 6, 2012

Persian Lime Casbah Quilt

It's such a nice Sunday evening, I'm watching TV and working on my current quilt project. I call this my Persian Lime Casbah Quilt - it's so exuberant! I'm in love with it, and only love would keep one going...this quilt has been in progress for a year and a half now. But I do my quilting by hand, so there is no such thing as a quick quilt here :-)

It will be a 96" x 88" queen size quilt when complete, with a large center ground and 20" multi-fabric edgings when bound.

The large scrolled print is Amy Butler Arabesque Lime from her Love collection. The counterpoint in the edging is her Cypress Paisley from the same collection. I had to include my favorite Dumb Dots from Michael Miller, these are actually dark brown on lime. And the rain spatter batik is by Tonga.

All top fabrics are 100% cotton, the quilt has a bleached muslin backing, and I used Hobbs low loft poly batting. It will be very light and cool for sleeping.

I admit I am considering quilting the edgings on the machine, if only to move this along in time to enjoy this summer. It would be hard, though, I've always done my quilts by hand. What if the quilt gods frown at me?

Back to my needle and thread! Coco

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