Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spring Woven Top Fever...

Last night I was looking at the almost 400 entries in the Spring Top SewAlong hosted by Made-by-Rae...uh oh!! I was overcome by the need to make some quick woven tops. All those examples in the SewAlong, and most of the sewists included comments, the Flickr site is like having a database of reviews right here with me. I have to do it now!

I've been looking at these 3 patterns for a while now. Each takes 2 or less yd. of fabric. And they are all downloadable. Guess what my printer did this morning :-)

Grainline 3001 Pocket Tank Top

Grainline 3002 Scout Woven top

Wiksten Tank Top

All three of the downloads were flawless, as were the printouts. Wiksten and Grainline both provided separate instruction files with lots of pics. The patterns are very reasonably priced. More later when I've actually made these!

Moving on. My compulsion did not stop with patterns. ACMoore has its Baby Bolts on sale for half price, which means 3 yd. for $10! These are not high end cottons, but perfect for one season tops. So...yes, I actually got in the car and went shopping (I hate, loathe, and abominate shopping in stores!). Consolation prize for the effort: a 24" x 50 yd. roll of trace paper for $22. I'm a bit tired of freezer and parchment paper for my download traces so I'm moving on up to the East Side...

Frosting: I had a 25% off total purchase coupon. Ok, it was so worth it! Fabrics are in the wash, but here's a look:

Ciao! Coco

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