Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Moving the blog to Wordpress!

A little change is good! I've moved Coco's Loft  to Wordpress (this only took me a year, since I first thought about it).

Click here to see!

If you've been following on Bloglovin', the changeover is automatic! Bloglovin' has taken care of the change.

If you've been following on email, you can re-subscribe on the Wordpress blog, it's the same process as you used before.

Visiting the Coco's Loft Pinterest, Flickr, or Facebook pages? The change should be transparent. And the links are still on the blog.

Happy New Year! and thank you, friends, for your company and companionship.



  1. I like the clean, fresh look. I could use a bit of updating as well. Thanks for the inspo.

    1. Thanks! It is a nice change. And Wordpress seems easier and more flexible overall (as with blogger, I'm using the free version). I created the site ages ago, updated it periodically with my blog posts from blogger, customized, tweaked, practiced :-) I just kept it in private status until I was ready to go.

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