Thursday, July 28, 2016

A Gathered Sundress and small projects...

I'm home from Ft. Myers and almost unpacked. Once upon a time, when I was travelling for work so very much, I would have been unpacked, laundry in progress, within 30 minutes of hitting the door.

But not now...retirement is relaxing. I finally realized that there are no in-my-space-police looking to see if everything is picked up and put away!

And here is my major sewing project while I was away. It's a variation of the Pattern Runway Gathered Sundress, done in pretty much the same combo as my first version in June, 2014. I used the skirt from the pattern, and added an easy pull-on bodice and raised waistband (no zippers around here).

I love the pockets on this skirt - they're the real reason I bought the pattern in the first place.

Pattern Runway Gathered Sundress

Pretty cute - but I don't care for the dress, now that it's done. The fabric just doesn't hang and drape the way I'd like when I'm wearing it. It's Art Gallery Prism Elements Collection Garnet Cotton, purchased from Craftsy. And it's described by them as poplin, which it definitely is not. 

It's actually quilting cotton, the sheeting type, and it's very crisp, probably more so because of the red color drench. I love the print and color, and I really wanted this dress to work. Sigh. But I'll re-cut the skirt for capri pants or shorts. 

Other sewing was successful, although a bit more on the domestic side. 

I've grown tired of my colored pillowcase, made a couple years ago, and feeling lazy, I've been pricing them online. Have you seen how much a pillowcase costs?!! Ummm - I could outfit a child for camp for the cost of 6 pillowcases. 

Not. I picked up a lovely twin size flat sheet at Targets, 100% cotton, 300 TC, with a 'peached' finish. Soft and only $9! After I undid the hems (easy peasy, since they were done with a single-needle chain stitch), I had plenty of fabric for 6 cases with nice deep headers. Yay! 

Parting shots:

Callisto - huntress

Ashley with her sling bag at the San Diego Comic Con
 And new head gear from the Con...

Wonder Woman...

Ciao! Coco


  1. I love making pillow cases from sheets And I can see why the fabric for your dress would charm you from afar. Nice to have some alternative idea in mind.

  2. I am sorry the dress didn't work, the fabric is cute as is the style

  3. I agree with everyone here, sorry the dress didn't work out for you but so happy you have an alternative idea. The fabric is too pretty to toss! Good Luck!

  4. The fabric in the dress is so pretty so hopefully you can save it & use it for something else.

  5. Nice cases! I like to use linen for mine and heaven knows I often have scads of leftover linen from tunic making. Those pockets remind of the Fen pattern by Fancy Tiger Crafts.
    Welcome home Wonder Woman!

  6. What a pity the dress didn't work out. Fabric really does make or break a project. At least you can get something else out of that skirt.

  7. Love the fabric, the colour is great on you. Agree that quilting cotton usually does not drape well for clothes.
    I hadn't thought of making pillow cases out of a sheet, great idea. Thanks Coco!

  8. Love, love, love the fabric so I know you can re-purpose it into something awesome!

  9. The pockets look so good, sorry the dress didn't work. thanks for the idea re making pillowcases from a sheet; I'll add that to my list.


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