Friday, July 15, 2016

Grainline Studio Willow Tank Top...

Grainline Studio and a new pattern - for me, it's an equation for sewing happiness. I really enjoy Jen Beeman's designs and drafting, and her prices are reasonable.

I admit I hesitated to buy it. It's a very simple design, one that I can duplicate easily from other patterns I have.  E.g., the Grainline Scout tee -just add a little swing and bust darts.  But, the Willow already has all that, and I do like owning all things Grainline.

Since I really don't mind the trimming and taping, I got the PDF version. OK, once I decide to try a pattern, I'm also impatient. PDF patterns are so fast! I'm a frequent customer at Sewing Patterns for just that reason - they have an incredible selection of Big 4 and Indie patterns in PDF format.

Back to the Willow - I only wanted the top, which is an easy 15-page tape-up.

Three rows taped, almost done...
Just a few sewing notes:
  • I cut the size 10, my usual Grainline size.
  • I wanted a cropped top to wear with summer pants and shorts, so I followed Jen's tutorial for cropping the pattern. I shortened mine by 3.5".
  • The front neckline on this pattern is fairly high - I lowered it by 1/2".
  • The front and back meet at a rather square-ish angle, not the easiest place to apply a bias binding. So I also trimmed the back neckline just enough to relax the curve in this area.
  • The armholes were a little high  and tight on me - I trimmed 1/2" at the bottom of the  armholes, gradually decreased about midway up the front and back edges.  
  • The fun stuff - Cotton lawn is pretty sheer, so I added a little detailing with center front and back seams. They're pressed open and topstitched about 3/8" away from the seam.
Fabric - Robert Kaufman Cambridge lawn, purchased at Craftsy.

This is a nice little top, versatile, easy to modify...

Pants - V9114  Kathryn Brenne pants in cheetah stretch sateen.

Parting shot - How about a spiny-backed orb weaver. I have lots of these in the yard - their webs are usually stretched between the wall of the house and a tree. Very wide webs, easily 4' - 5' across. I don't mind them, but I really don't like to get them in my hair!

She's so pretty (gender is easy to determine - the males have grey abdomens and short, humped spines). AKA the clown-face spider and Florida crab spider...

Gasteracantha cancriformis

I wrote this post last night, and today is once again framed by a horrific and inhumane act, this time in Nice, France. My thoughts are with everyone impacted by this unspeakable crime and terrible loss. 


  1. Your top looks fabulous! It's wonderful to have an easy-to-wear, easy-to-sew top for summer. You can always make more ... and more ...

  2. Nice top Coco and you look lovely in sleeveless. I bet it just feels cool and nice too. I wonder what happened to the Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank. I liked that one and kept meaning to order it. Dang!
    Beautiful spider, it does look a bit like a clown face! :-)

  3. Lovely top - it looks so fresh and cool. And your garden (I hope it is yours) is beautiful!

  4. Just lovely. The best thing about simple patterns is being able to add your own little design features and your front and back seams create that little bit of interest.

  5. Super top, I like the sheerness paired with the centre seams, this could go with so many of my skirts.

  6. I love this top! You look so ready for hot weather! Adding a center front and back seam is a nice change to this pattern.

  7. Coco, what a lovely summer top! It's so very cute on you...paired with those great pants, you're ready for any summer outing! I never heard of Sewing and I too don't mind printing/taping patterns. Thank you for the tip, I just found a Big 4 pattern I was waiting to go on I can go download it!


I love it that you came by...and thank you for your comments! Coco