Thursday, June 23, 2016

Just couldn't pass on this...

Source: Professor Pincushion
Do you get itchy to buy some fabric when you've been on a fabric fast? I do! Since Christmas, I've been trying to sew from my stash. And I admit I have a lot of fabric.

But it's not necessarily what I want to sew at any given moment. Refer to graph, please.

Like many sewists, I love my stash. Just like I love all hundred or so spools in my thread drawers, buttons in 30 colors, unopened packs of straight pins, 24 triangle chalks (hey, they were a great deal on Nancy's Notions), and 10 pairs of scissors. Adding to my stash is much easier than taking from it!

A week or so ago, Craftsy got me with an email about deeply discounted fabric and $1 shipping. Hmmm. I took a look, because I know that some of the sales on Craftsy are amazing. Plus their fabric is high quality, the service is great, and their shipping is fast.

So - the goodies. The prices are totals for the yardage, not cost per yard...

Wowser! Coco


  1. Gorgeous Fabrics is having a sale also, though nothing like these prices. Coco, I am down to one shelf of wovens, and one shelf of knits. It's so uninspiring! Must buy more.

    1. OMG, do I need to come out there and fan you, fix you a beverage, take you shopping! :-)

  2. You ladies are enabling. I agree with you, Coco, that it is easier to add to the stash, than take it out of the stash. I was at SAS Fabrics yesterday to pick up some needles and four yards of blue and white african print followed me home.
    Theresa in Tucson

  3. What lovely fabrics! You can't sew without fabric and inspiration, and you don't have inspiration if you don't have choices in fabrics. Sound reasoning??

  4. Great choices! Always good to have a carefully curated selection of fabric. And Marcy Tilton is having a sale today on her Japanese fabrics. So much temptation!

  5. Hard to resist bargains like that - good for you!

  6. Very nice Coco. Those would have been good buys even at a higher price. Such pretty fabrics!

  7. You GO GIRL! You do know how to shop. Great PRICES! Enjoy...

  8. Total Score, COCO! I worked part time at Hancock Fabrics while raising my daughter. The company was very good to its employees with our discounts on top of sale prices. Needless to say,my stash is OUTRAGEOUS! Some of the stuff are real treasures, quality you don't see very often these days. I love my stash, but I do keep buying more because I LOVE FABRIC! You did well, COCO, our vice is buying fabric. Some of it we can't afford NOT to buy, right? Can't wait to see what creations you come up with!!

  9. Craftsy has some quality fabric and was very pleased with a recent order. Also when they have a sale (sometime as much as 60% off fabric) and ocassional $1.99 shipping it's a great deal. Love your choices :)

  10. I have been trying hard to sew from stash and doing a pretty good job of it. Then I look through all I have, which is a lot, can't find inspiration at all. Browsing for inspiration online leads me to fabric online stores and lately I have come across new sites. This is when I cave in and recently purchased some new fabric from Cali Fabrics, new to me online store. Service was top notch and fast shipping. Happy 4th of July!!


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